LED High Bays

LED High Bays are indoor luminaires designed to deliver a high lumen output from heights between 6 and 12 meters.

LED High Bays distributed by NET LED are robust, maintenance-free units with lifespans upwards of 50,000 working hours.

Units are perfect for use in warehouses, gyms, airports, and anywhere with high ceilings that require a high level of focused light.

LED High Bays in the LED TECH Range are manufactured by LG. Units in the LED PRIME Range are manufactured by Toppo Lighting Co. Ltd.



LED High Bays are available in three ranges. These distinct products offer different specifications, physical attributes and levels of technical sophistication:

The LED TECH Range contains two different High Bay models manufactured by LG.

The LG Solaris High Bay is an IP65 rated intelligent unit that delivers a high light output at a low running cost. 1-10V dimmable as standard and available with ZigBee® Multi-Sensors and DALI Modules, the LG Solaris High Bay has been designed to make warehouses, factories, airports and other applications with high ceilings smarter and more energy efficient.

The LG Essentials High Bay is an energy efficient solution that offers flexible control in applications with high ceilings. A Motion/Step Dimming Sensor is available to enable flexible control over light levels. The Sensor is a simple plug-and-play module with integrated switch controls allowing for 0%, 30% and 100% light output selection dependant on movement.

Both models operate in a wide temperature range, have a useful life expectancy upwards of 50,000 hours and are covered by a 5 Year Extended Warranty.


The PRIME Range of LED High Bays are indoor luminaires designed to deliver a high lumen output from heights between 6 and 12 metres.

The units incorporate shatterproof polycarbonate lenses that focus the light to a 120° beam angle, removing the need for an open-front reflector to direct the light.

Delivering 125 lumens per watt, LED High Bays cut the energy costs in applications replacing conventional high bay lighting by up to 70%.

LED High Bays