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2019 marks the tenth anniversary of NET LED Lighting. Although that makes us a relatively young company in the UK lighting industry, we are in fact one of the oldest lighting companies to have exclusively supplied LED lighting products. Thanks to our passion and drive for innovating the LED lighting industry, we’ve become recognised by electrical wholesalers through the UK as a commercial LED lighting partner they can trust.

We have a proven track record of providing quality, innovative products at competitive prices. We’ve partnered with LED lighting manufacturers across the UK and around the world to distribute an unrivalled choice of commercial and industrial LED products to you, our valued customers. When you combine those products from recognised brands such as Cree Lighting, Philips, Schuch, Luxbox, Merrytek and Gripple with our industry leading lighting designs and in-field support, we believe that makes a winning combination for you and your own customers, too.


Our People

Our clients see their most dependable suppliers as an extension of their businesses. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in nurturing four dedicated departments to share our expertise and ensure a seamless supplier relationship that makes life easier for you.

Our field-based Regional Sales Managers will visit you regularly to assist with sales and provide product training your business needs to bag those high-volume orders.

Combine this with our office-based Sales Support assistants, who’ll know your business inside out and can field general day-to-day queries; our qualified Lighting Designers that can meet your customers’ exacting lighting requirements and on-demand Technical Support professionals, we deliver the outstanding customer service you deserve at all times.

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Our Service

We’re driven to make life easier for you and your customers. With us, what you see is what you get – innovative, industry leading LED lighting products and services from brands that help you sell more and get the job done.

With high volumes of stock always available from our purpose-built warehouse facilities, our delivery process is about as uncomplicated as it gets. Thanks to our strategic distribution partner, UPS, we can provide same-day dispatch on all orders placed before 5pm.

Deliveries can also be sent to your branch, a UPS Access Point for your customer to collect, or straight to site at no additional cost. The choice is yours. Once we’ve picked and packed your orders with speed and accuracy via our dedicated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system, we’ll keep you up to date at every step of the journey.

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Your Choice

We know how important it is for your business to stock a great choice of LED lighting products from manufacturers that really know what they are doing. With a wide variety of luminaire designs, specifications and price points, your business is well-equipped to meet all your customers’ varied applications.

As LED lighting technology continues to evolve, we’re committed to working closely with you to supply the latest product innovations. To underline our commitment to product choice and excellence, we’re an official licensee and member of the Philips LED Luminaires Licensing Program. This spans Philips’ patented technologies which are incorporated in many commercial LED products we sell, allowing you to buy and sell on with complete confidence. Better still, Philips is just one of more than a dozen industry leading LED manufacturers we work with.

Once you’ve made your choice, you can also depend on our supply chain and processes. Both of which are accredited to ISO 9001 and 14001 to guarantee the highest standards for quality and environmental management.

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Why should you switch to LED lighting?

Help your customers make real savings on their lighting bills by switching to LED lighting today. Some of the benefits of quality LED lighting products include:

LED lighting typically reduces your electricity bills by up to 65% whilst maintaining the same output as a flourescent equivalent.
Quality LED products last up to 5x longer than traditional incandescent lighting, saving money on maintenance and replacements
LED lighting doesn’t contain the toxic polluting chemicals, such as phosphor, mercury and lead, found in fluorescents
LED lighting emits only a fraction of ultraviolet (UV) light, compared with CFL and HID lighting
State-of-the-art LEDs deliver luminaire light outputs at high lumens per Watt, greatly reducing your carbon footprint
All products carry a three-year guarantee, with some extendable up to five years by end user registration

We’re approved members of the Lighting Industry Association

The Lighting Industry Association (LIA) has independently assessed the quality of our processes and those of our suppliers and has subsequently awarded us LIAQA status. We’re also proud to become the first UK company to have been awarded the LIA’s Quality Assurance Module 6 for Emergency Lighting. This is an independent endorsement that our quality assurance standards are of the highest calibre.

With a credible track record for providing quality, innovative products, clear and transparent processes and competitive prices, NET LED is a commercial LED lighting partner you can trust.

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