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Meet our quality suppliers from across the globe

Electrical wholesalers choose us for their commercial LED lighting because our own supply chain delivers products of consistently high quality. We’re proud to supply some of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-performance LED lighting solutions.

All the manufacturers we work with adhere to standards and quality processes certified by independent bodies. We won’t settle for anything less for our customers. We spread the net far and wide to give you access to the best possible product range from manufacturers based in the Far East, Europe as well as the UK.

Discover more about our manufacturing partners and what sets them apart below:


Philips is a global market leader with recognised expertise in the development, manufacture and application of innovative lighting solutions.

Founded in the Netherlands in 1891, Philips has since pioneered many breakthroughs in lighting. It holds patents for a host of technologies used in LED lighting products.

We’re also proud licence holders of the Philips LED Luminaires and Retrofit Bulbs Licensing Program. This gives us the right to distribute Philips-patented technologies to you and your customers.


Cree is widely recognised as manufacturing the highest performance LEDs in the industry. This US-based company is also a market leading innovator of quality interior and exterior LED luminaires, LED components and semiconductor solutions.

For more than 20 years Cree has been developing an array of new technologies. They continually strive to surpass traditional technologies and exceed industry standards for brightness and efficiency.

Cree Europe manufactures luminaires in Italy specifically for the European market. Its high-quality US chip technology is present in all of its European products.


Lux box is backed by 45 years of experience in emergency lighting technology.

Whether it’s emergency downlights, remote boxes or muddles, you can rely on Lux box to create components of the highest quality, giving your customers great value and genuine peace of mind.

Lux box encourages its customers to think about what’s inside the box, and to strive for quality and compliance to the latest safety standards.


Leyond Lighting Company Ltd is a Shenzhen-based specialist in LED exterior high power lighting products.

Founded in 2005 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Liyang Electronic, Leyond is a high-tech enterprise specialising in the development and production of eco-friendly high power LED lighting.

As the exclusive UK distributor for Leyond’s range of LED flood lights and LED high bays since 2011, we can help your customers get their hands on Leyond’s in-demand products quicker than anyone else in the market.


Since 2011, Merrytek has designed and manufactured products for LED lighting controls. These include innovative microwave motion sensors, integrated sensor LED drivers, and 1-10V and DALI dimmable LED drivers.

We’ve been the exclusive UK distributors of Merrytek’s forward-thinking products since 2018, giving you direct access to some of the most intelligent lighting control solutions in the market at competitive prices.

For example, the Merrytek patented self-adaptive LED driver sensors can identify artificial or natural light, making them ideal for customers seeking daylight harvesting solutions.


Lynxus is the name given to the intelligent controls technology manufactured by US-based company, Magtech Industries Corp.

Based on the ZigBee protocol for wireless smart lighting, the Lynxus controls are universal allowing them to be used with the LED luminaires we distribute to your branches nationwide, creating integrated wireless management systems. These systems allow lighting to be controlled based on time, motion detection or ambient light.

With a global headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada and manufacturing facilities in China and Taiwan, Magtech has a 25-year track record for delivering electronics, such as LED drivers, with added-value features for your customers’ environmental and business needs.

Since 2008, FYT has specialised in high-power LED lighting for indoor and outdoor applications. Leading FYT products we supply to you include LED high bays and sports lights.

FYT have developed their own Tomcarline LED drivers in-house. This has given FYT total control over the product design, production and quality of their manufacturing processes.

With over 150 employees and a 65,000 sq ft factory in Shenzhen, FYTLED uses advanced LED luminaire manufacturing and test facilities to deliver consistency for your customers. All activities from material purchase to shipment are strictly controlled under ISO9001 quality management processes.



UK manufacturers Gripple boast a ten-strong Ideas & Innovation team in-house that work to bring ideas to reality in a world-class innovation environment.

With an extensive engineering workshop featuring CAD and rapid prototyping capabilities, the team is fully equipped to explore ideas and problems encountered on-site. Our Sales and Marketing teams work closely with Gripple to consistently deliver end-to-end solutions to you and your customers.

Gripple’s products also undergo rigorous quality checks at every stage of manufacture. This ensures you and your customers receive products of consistent high quality.



We’re also one of the UK’s leading distributors of the full explosion-proof and protected lighting range, designed and manufactured by German specialist applications lighting manufacturer, SCHUCH.

We supply SCHUCH hazardous area fittings including Zones 1 and 2 protected flood lights, high bays, emergency lights and batten luminaires.

For over a century, SCHUCH has been problem solving lighting in hazardous areas. It’s now manufacturing fittings that incorporate energy saving LED technology for your eco-conscious customers.



Liteplan Ltd is a leading UK manufacturer of emergency lighting products. We’ve been distributing Liteplan’s 3 Hour LED Emergency Kits since 2011.

Thanks to Liteplan’s specialist emergency lighting solutions, we’ve specified their products for thousands of successful emergency lighting installations across the UK.

The company is also accredited to ISO 9001 for quality management and is an approved member of The Lighting Industry Association.



DPPUL is based in Guangdong, China and specialises in the design and manufacture of emergency lighting.

Since 1984, DPPUL has supplied its products to many leading OEM companies that then own-brand the products, with 80% of their production being supplied into Europe.

Its current 40,000 sq metre factory allows them to produce more than four million emergency lighting related products a year, holding over 30 patents on the technology too.



Founded in 2010 in Shenzhen, China, NEXOL stands for ‘A New Experience of Lighting’. Its commitment to environmentally friendly, high-quality LED lighting is what attracted us to their product range most.

Primarily, NEXOL focuses on professional lighting fixtures and solutions for commercial properties in Europe, Australia, the Middle East and south-east Asia.

They provide high-end LED products and oversee every stage of creation, from design and manufacture to quality control and marketing. This allows us to clearly communicate the benefits of their products to you and your customers.



 Tridonic is a world-leading supplier of lighting technology, supporting its customers with intelligent hardware and software and offering the highest level of quality, reliability and energy savings.

As a global driver of innovation in the field of lighting-based network technology, Tridonic develops scalable, future-oriented solutions that enable new business models for lighting manufacturers, building managers, systems integrators, planners and many other types of customers.

1,778 highly skilled employees and a worldwide sales presence in over 50 countries reflect the company’s commitment to the development and deployment of new, smart and connected lighting systems.




STREAMER is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of Emergency Kits. They are located in Shenzhen and have focused on Emergency Kits for over 10 years.

Their facilities have been audited by the LIA and their products have obtained CE & RoHS marks issued by TUV and comply with all the relevant standards related to Emergency Kits.




SOCHII is based in Shenzhen and is focused on developing and manufacturing produce innovative LED products of excellent quality at competitive prices.

They are committed to the development of new products which incorporate the latest technology.


CREP  is a Shenzhen based listed company providing ODM/OEM commercial LED lighting with production facilities in 3 factories totalling over 100,000 square meters.

The facilities are accredited to ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and SA8000 all certified by SGS.

LUMLUX was established in 2015 and has 4 worldwide offices with manufacturing based in Shanghai, it is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the R & D, automated production and sales of high-end LED Panel Lights offering both TP(a) and Low UGR models.

Over the last decade, Wiscoon has work to produce LED lighting products, that are both environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. They regard each of their products as works of art, with an experienced engineer team, mature production line and strict quality control processes behind them.

Wiscoon has passed CE, RoHS, TUV, ETL and are DLC approved. Their LED lighting products are widely regarded across the globe, with over 250,000 monthly shipments sent to Europe, the United States, Japan, Africa, the Middle East and more.


Sealite is a professional lighting manufacturer with its own production facilities in Shanghai and Shangyu, close to the container port of Ningbo. Sealite also has strategic offices in Shanghai and the UK, these divisions service our customer base around the world.

The company continues to supply high-quality products at competitive market prices and more recently has made a greater investment in its own laboratory test facilities along with more advanced electronic production procedures.

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