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We aim to exceed our wholesalers' expectations by helping them to help contractors and end-users.

Helping you help your customers

We know that your customers are increasingly spoilt for choice with all the luminaires available in today’s competitive market. One-size-fits-all suppliers are more likely to lose business to those that can offer a specialised product range.

It’s important to us to give you a choice of different LED lighting manufacturers, with a variety of luminaire designs, specifications and price points. This lets you offer quality, versatile products that meet your customers’ varied applications.

We’re all about making lives easier for you, your end-users and contractors. Our latest generation of luminaires are a prime example. Tri-colour LED battens, wall packs, bulkheads, panels and downlights can switch colour temperatures to 3000K, 4000K or 5500K at the time of installation. This greatly reduces the amount of stock you need to hold as the one model has all three colour temperatures built in. It benefits the end-user by giving them the flexibility to choose their preferred colour temperature, making the installation process simpler for contractors too.

Giving your customers controllability

Our LED technology gives your end-users complete controllability over their lighting projects. The Universal Lighting Controls, including microwave motion and daylight sensors, mean that automatic on/off and dimming controls can be added to most LED luminaires, or mounted separately depending on the application.

We’ve even got Lynxus Wireless Controls systems that can enhance your customers’ project by managing and even automating light levels in a room, warehouse or entire building. Not only does this help the drive for energy efficiency, it gives your customers total control over their lighting to create optimal working environments.

The right choice to meet project needs and budgets

Today’s LED lighting solutions are giving your customers more opportunities than were previously imaginable. At NET LED, we don’t just create marketing opportunities for electrical wholesalers. We’re here to cut through all the options and supply products from manufacturers that consistently deliver the right results and value for money for your customers.

As lighting technology continues to evolve, we’ll work closely with you to supply the latest product innovations. Whether it’s LED tubes, switchable ‘Tri-Colour’ temperature choices or Smart Zigbee wireless controls, over the years we’ve always tried to keep you one step ahead of your competitors. That’s why we’re a commercial LED lighting supplier you can trust.

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