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Merrytek On/Off Microwave Sensor (Internal)

Manufactured by Merrytek, the Universal Lighting Controls include microwave motion and daylight sensors, allowing automatic on/off and dimming control to be added to most LED luminaires.

A range of models are available which can be incorporated inside the luminaire or mounted separately, according to the application.

Key Features

  • Wide detection area - up to 6m in diameter
  • Detection Area can be set via DIP switches
  • Illuminating Duration can be set via DIP switches
  • Light Sensor can be set via DIP switches
  • Universal Microwave Sensor allows you to switch any manufacturer's Luminaire up to 400W load
Part Number: NET-42-43-02

Key Information

IP Rating
77 x 36 x 25.5mm
3 Years

Full specifications – Data sheetIES Data Files available on request


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