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The project

McDonaldsOne of the UK’s largest independent McDonald’s franchise groups is owned by Mr Eddie Leligdowicz and includes ten restaurants spanning the three counties of Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire. The restaurants turn over around £24 million per annum, serving tens of thousands of customers per day. Mr Leligdowicz is committed to energy saving technologies to improve efficiency in his restaurants; these include the installation of NET LED Lighting in the kitchens at McDonald’s Markeaton Park in Derbyshire.

The Solution

The kitchen has 19 light fittings. Before LED Lighting was installed, each fitting had two 5ft 58W fluorescent tubes and ballasts, so the total wattage was approximately 125W per fitting. The fluorescent tubes were replaced with 5ft LED Tubes running at 22W each with no ballast required, so each fitting now runs at only 44W, a saving of 65% in electricity consumption. Furthermore, the life expectancy of the LED Tube is over 3 times that of the fluorescents, making further savings in maintenance costs and waste disposal. These savings are expected to give a payback in under two years.

The Result

In addition to the 38 LED Tubes in the main kitchen, an additional 32 LED Tubes are being used in other parts of the restaurant, including the store room, cold room, corridors and office. Mr Eddie Leligdowicz, McDonald’s Franchisee, is delighted with the electricity savings and the reduced maintenance provided by the LED Tubes meaning he won’t need to replace them for around 6 years. This is consistent with other social responsibility initiatives the restaurant group is undertaking to reduce waste and lower its carbon footprint.
As well as the significant cost savings, LED Tubes provide ideal lighting for kitchens and food processing environments as they contain no glass, thereby reducing a potential health and safety hazard from broken lamps. LED Tubes are very robust, being made from aluminium with a strong polycarbonate cover, and they do not contain any of the toxic chemicals such as phosphor, mercury or lead which are found in fluorescent lamps.

The light quality in the kitchen is much better; the LED tubes give a brighter, crisper light which the employees prefer working under compared to the fluorescents. The reduced electricity consumption is providing a payback in less than two years and with electricity price increases it was prudent to install the LED tubes now.

- Eddie Leligdowicz - McDonald’s Franchisee

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