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The project

NisaWhen Prankash Puntambekar (Ash) decided he would rebuild his Nisa store in Fenstanton, Cambridgeshire, he was adamant that it would be built with the environment in mind. Together with his contracted electrician, Terry Wager, he contacted NET LED Lighting to discuss what the implications were for substituting energy efficient LED tubes for the conventional fluorescent tube.

The Solution

From an environmental point of view, the LED Tubes are made in such a way that they contain none of the harmful chemicals found in fluorescent tubes. More importantly however for Ash was the fact that by using the 127 LED Tubes he required, he would reduce his store’s annual carbon footprint by 10,674 kg CO2, when compared to the equivalent fluorescent tubes. This means a total life time saving, given the longer life span of the LED Tube of 73,107 kg CO2.

The Result

Ash was also impressed with the comparative financial energy savings which for a store of his size was in the region of £2,186 per annum, or £14,975 over the tubes’ lifetime. Furthermore when the additional savings made in maintenance replacement costs that are involved in changing and disposing of fluorescent tubes are added to the financial energy savings, Ash should see an overall lifetime saving of £23,000, providing a five fold return on his initial investment!

It’s a new concept for an electrician to fit LED lights rather than fluorescent tubes and being able to utilise conventional fittings has made them very simple to install. The store opened on 19th June 2009 and is recognised as one of the most energy-efficient shops in the area.

- Terry Wager - Electrical Engineer to Nisa Local, Fenstanton.

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