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It’s that time of year again when schools and colleges throughout the UK are upgrading their lighting. Contractors are being asked to come in during the half-term and school holiday periods while students are away and have short time windows to get the lighting projects done.

At times like these, working with a lighting supplier and product range that is designed to take the hassle out of buying lighting for wholesalers and electrical contractors is critical.

Firstly, your supplier needs to have stock.

Having plenty of indoor and outdoor commercial LED lighting available enables orders to be placed with short notice, ideally for Next Day Delivery to the wholesaler or directly to site, which can be particularly important when the installation is underway and you’re missing something!

Secondly, products need to be available in different configurations.

From emergency lighting to sensors and controls, lighting needs to be available in different configurations,
as needed.

If these can be pre-installed, along with connectors and cables, before
they’re shipped, even better! This will mean minimum wiring is needed
on site and will further take the hassle out of installation for the contractor. Multifunctional products with features such as Tri-Colour and Dual Wattage built into a single fitting allow the contractor to select the best colour temperature or power setting for the room at the time of installation. This means more choice and fewer returns or changes, once again taking the hassle out of the project for everyone!

But what happens when things don’t go to plan?

That’s a normal part of life! It’s at times like these when working with a supplier who’s been working with contractors for years and understands what they need to keep the job on track is invaluable. A supplier who makes sure there are sales and technical support people available to take phone calls during working hours, who understand the pressure of having to refit lighting in an entire school or college to a tight deadline, and are trained to provide advice and technical guidance.

This will help to make sure you have the ideal solution for the school or college, and that potential problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Work with suppliers that
understand what you need.

Having specialised in LED technology since it has been used in lighting, NET LED has been supplying quality LED solutions to wholesalers for over a decade. We understand the requirements for education applications and have the right products for schools and colleges.

NET LED’s low glare Panel Lights are ideal for classrooms and corridors and the low glare linear High Bays are perfect for sports halls, so whether the hall is being used for exams or playing badminton, looking up will be comfortable on the eyes!

They’re also designed with an IK10 rating so can take impact from
basketballs to cricket balls – they have a 5 Year Warranty too!

NET LED also manufactures some of its lighting for schools and
colleges at its production facilities in Cambridge. These Made In Britain products help to protect the supply chain and ensure

continuity of supply of the same lighting type when a school or
college project must be completed across different school terms
or holidays, with months of gaps in between.

With energy prices rising, installing the latest, most efficient LED
lighting, covered by a 5 Year Warranty, ensures savings year on year
and an investment that will pay for itself over and over again.
Backed by NET LED Lighting, a manufacturer and distributor of
quality educational lighting, schools and colleges can buy with confidence!

Have a look at our full range of products right here at! 

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