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How To Know The Right Colour Temperature For Your Job

Colour temperature measures how ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ a light is, and it is something to consider when installing lighting. Using lights of different colour temperatures can drastically affect the mood of an installation within a given space. We have written this guide to help you decide which temperature you’ll need depending on the application.




Warm White

Typically measuring at around 3000 Kelvin (3000K), warm lighting is ideal in areas that need a “relaxing” feel to them, such as bedrooms, living areas and other residential areas. Due to the comfortable nature of 3000K luminaires, you experience less eyestrain over longer periods when compared to lights of a higher temperature.


Cool White

The colour of light averaging at around 4000K is Cool White and has more of a blue hue to it when compared to Warm Light. 4000K Luminaires are more suited for commercial areas like offices, corridors, and schools. However, LED lighting of this temperature can be installed in the largest variety of applications, as it can be considered a middle ground between colour temperatures.



Luminaires that produce what’s referred to as ‘daylight’ are often¬†5500K and above in terms of colour temperature. These lights are used in outdoor and industrial applications, for example, in warehouses, car parks and production areas. You’ll tend to find higher colour temperatures in locations that require brighter light or more focus from end-users. You’ll find that a 5500K Panel may be perceived as brighter than its 4000K counterpart, despite a similar lumen output.


Versatile Lighting

Tri-Colour functionality allows you to install luminaires in either Warm White, Cool White, or Daylight, so you can choose which is best for the application on-site. NET LED supply a range of Tri-colour LED products for a variety of applications, including Battens, Wallpacks, Bulkheads, Panel and Downlights to be delivered Next Day when you order before 5 p.m.

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