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The Burwell Linear High Bay – born for indoor sports halls

Large recreational spaces such as sports halls are used for a variety of sports and activities, and the lighting requirements vary accordingly. Many sports involve swift player actions and relatively small objects such as shuttlecocks and balls travelling at very high speed. As a result, light levels, uniformity, glare control and protection against impact all need to be considered when choosing the right lighting for a sports application.

NET LED’s Burwell Linear High Bay was born for indoor sports areas.

Bright and uniform light

Indoor sports halls should be lit so that the athletes and spectators can clearly
see all aspects of the game. Rapid movements need maximum concentration and excellent quality of light. The Burwell’s linear design ensures uniform light throughout the sports area and offers high lux levels when mounted between 8m and 15m, making sure light is as bright and clear as possible – perfect for multi-purpose sports halls!

Reduced glare

Nothing is more distracting for athletes than overly bright lights that glare
and cause them to lose sight of the ball. Minimising glare is essential,
especially for tennis, squash, and badminton players whose eyes are
frequently directed upwards. With a low glare rating, the Burwell makes sure
visibility remains clear. The diffuser is designed with a ‘honeycomb’ grid which
prevents direct line of sight to the LEDs and helps spread the light, improving
visibility and reducing glare.

Impact resistant

In a dedicated sports hall, the light fittings need to be able to withstand ball and
projectile impact. Falling parts or damaged fixtures can be dangerous and the safety
of participants and spectators is paramount. The Burwell High Bay has an impact
rating of IK10 giving it the ultimate protection against the likes of tennis balls,
footballs and even cricket balls!

This powerful linear High Bay is a great alternative to traditional metal halide fixtures
in terms of light quality, energy saving and long-term financial returns.

Available in Emergency and Motion Sensor models, click here to explore the Burwell Range now.

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