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A Business Investing in its Future – NET LED Q3 Update

It’s hard to believe how much has changed this year!

We started the year with difficulties getting lighting from our manufacturers in China due to Coronavirus, which hit them at the end of 2019. Fortunately, we managed to keep our supply chain flowing without any interruptions to our customers. By Quarter 2, our suppliers were regularly delivering again, and we replenished our stocks. Then Covid-19 spread to the UK, and the country went into lockdown. NET LED remained open throughout, operating on skeleton staff to fulfil orders for our wholesaler customers who were providing essential services.

It became apparent that the way we did business in our industry was going to change drastically due to new social distancing rules. As a result, the NET LED Senior Management Team took the difficult decision to restructure our entire business. Whilst maintaining our core values of providing outstanding customer service backed by efficient delivery, we shifted our sales emphasis to a more digital environment.

Recovery during Quarter 3 has been faster than we anticipated, following the restructure we are all back to work and extremely busy with our investments in various areas of the business already beginning to pay off. These include:

A new online order portalMynetled provides wholesalers with a fast and efficient, easy-to-use online ordering experience, giving them all the information they need and the best prices on every order.

Initial UK Production. We’ve purpose built a production area within our Cambridge facility and kitted it out with the latest technologies enabling us to manufacture the popular LED Bulkheads and Gear trays in house.

Expanded UK Production. Following the success of our UK manufactured Bulkheads, we’ve redesigned our warehouse layout to make room for a second production area/clean room enabling the in-house manufacture of Yaxley Slim Circulars too.

Investment in Training. For ongoing business development, it’s essential that staff are supported. NET LED is currently working with 6 different external trainers throughout the business to develop its Senior Management, Customer Service, Finance and Business Development Teams.

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Investment in UK manufacturing has opened up new routes to market for NET LED. We can now provide UK electrical wholesalers and buying groups with their own-branded LED lighting, as well as pursue export sales opportunities with our “Made in UK” luminaires. While in their infancy today, we expect to see significant growth in both these areas during 2021 alongside our established UK distribution to electrical wholesalers.

No one could have planned in advance for the changes this year has sprung on us, but we find ourselves in a very robust position and are excited about our future. NET LED Lighting is in strong financial health, with our own UK manufactured product range complementing our overseas partners’ portfolio. We are committed to continue to build our relationships with UK wholesalers and have new product ranges being released over the coming months, supported by a team of Business Development Managers that’ll exceed your expectations.

NET LED is here to help!

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