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5 Things NET LED have learnt about Manufacturing

NET LED started manufacturing our LED Bulkhead Ranges in the UK in January 2020, which came with its share of challenges. As a team, the Operations Manager and Production Operatives have quickly learnt how to overcome any unexpected hurdles.


Work with Specialists

Working with UK industry specialists like Tridonic, Primelight, and Jetpress means that quality meets the high standards that our wholesalers expect from us. By manufacturing in house, in LIAQA facilities, product lead time is considerably lower compared to competitors. We will respond to wholesaler requirements quickly and efficiently without any needless hassle.

Preparation is Key

Preparation is a crucial factor to ensure we meet daily quotas; a low stock leaves an unhappy wholesaler. Without it, the team struggles to maintain a consistent workflow, with minutes of searching for components equating to many products not being made.


Adapting Job Roles

Some members of the team tend to work faster than others, and with each of them having set tasks on each step of the production line, schedules can go array when an individual is too fast or slow. Because of this, ownership of jobs now has a degree of fluidity. The production line team adjusts responsibilities when needed, so we can continue to meet the demand for our products. Making these minor changes can have a massive impact.


Learn to Communicate

The ability to communicate information accurately, clearly and as intended, is a vital skill in the workplace and not something to be overlooked. With a team that believes in being open, honest and transparent with each other, production-related issues are dealt with quickly and effectively.


Have Fun!

Working for 8 hours a day making LED Bulkheads can get a little dull, which is why it’s ok to have a little fun. So long as we meet demand, maintain the quality that our wholesalers expect from us, and work safely, then management has no problem with a loud radio and harmless jokes about the new guy. Keeping morale up means letting our staff be themselves; having to do draining work shouldn’t change that.

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