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The project

Thomas Lord Audley SchoolThe Thomas Lord Audley School is a high performing 11-16 secondary school for 800 pupils. Among the school’s extensive facilities is a multi-purpose Sports Hall, which needed a complete overhaul of its existing lighting system.

An initial verification from the school’s maintenance team found that the existing lighting was under-performing, with only 50% of fittings operational. In addition, the existing lighting was becoming too costly to maintain as a scaffold tower was required to reach the fluorescent T8 non-corrosive fittings mounted at 6.4m.

The school appointed TJ Evers Building Contractors to lead the lighting refurbishment, who contacted P&M Electrical Wholesale in Colchester to research various lighting suppliers and request quotes for the job. NET LED’s Regional Sales Manager discussed the job specification with P&M to understand the school’s specific lighting requirements.

Following this, the Sales Team were able to provide a quote based on the optimum solution in terms of light quality and cost effectiveness.

P&M found that NET LED’s products not only fulfilled the light output requirements of the job specification; they also offered excellent energy savings and a 5 year guarantee.

Furthermore, P&M had worked with NET LED on other successful projects in the past, so they were confident in recommending NET LED products for this installation.

The Solution

To improve lighting levels and reduce energy and maintenance costs, the original fluorescent fittings were replaced with 150W LED High Bays. With a 90° focused beam angle, the High Bays offer high lux levels when mounted at heights between 6 and 12m, making them ideal for lighting gym and sports hall facilities.

Boasting 50,000 hours life, these reliable and robust fittings offer significant savings in maintenance time and costs.

From enquiry to order, NET LED supported the wholesaler’s business. Throughout the buying process, NET LED’s Sales Team were on hand to ensure the wholesaler had all the information needed to go ahead with the installation.

NET LED Director, Chris Dawes explains: “Our business is geared up to provide outstanding service to the electrical wholesaler. As well as supplying quotes, NET LED can provide product recommendations, lighting designs, energy savings calculations and sample products, so that the wholesaler and customer can have complete confidence in NET LED’s products and services.”

With next day delivery on orders placed before 5pm, the LED High Bays were delivered to the site quickly and efficiently to ensure the installation would run smoothly.

The Result

Following the installation, the contractor and customer noticed a vast improvement in light levels and colour rendering.

On base calculations, the contractor has estimated that the school will receive a payback on the purchase of the fittings through energy saving costs in just 3 years.

Commenting on the installation, Electrical Manager at TJ Evers, Tristan Luckman said, “My team and I are very pleased with the quality and the design of the light fittings and I would be happy to recommend NET LED Lighting to other contractors within the industry.”

Seeing before and after pictures of the Sports Hall, Paul Luckman, Director of P&M Electrical Wholesale, was thoroughly impressed with the improvement in the room’s colour rendering. “I was amazed when I saw the results of this installation. At first, I thought the area had been redecorated, but realised it was purely the lighting that had made such an improvement to the space”.

Paul added that NET LED’s products and service were the ideal solution for this job, and that P&M would continue to work with NET LED on future projects.

My team and I are very pleased with the quality and the design of the light fittings and I would be happy to recommend NET LED Lighting to other contractors within the industry.

- Tristan Luckman - Electrical Manager, TJ Evers

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