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The Project

Smart Living ShowroomSmart Living is an e-commerce site dedicated to creating healthier, more productive working environments for remote professionals.

Smart Living is an e-commerce site dedicated to creating healthier, more productive working environments for remote professionals, delivering a selection of smart furniture, devices, and other resources designed to maximise success when working from home.


Smart Living recently opened a showroom in Cambridge to showcase its range of smart furniture. Good lighting was a priority for this project to truly capture the modern aesthetic and features of the smart desks. This lighting not only provides a more inviting atmosphere for customers but also creates an environment to best demonstrate the capabilities of the smart desks. With NET LED Lighting’s help, Smart Living was able to bring its showroom to life, allowing customers to experience the cutting-edge technology first hand.

The Solution

Ensuring Smart Living’s showroom has brilliant, luminous lighting that best displays your product offerings is essential within the retail sector. The lighting can effectively attract customers to your showroom since products must be appropriately illuminated.

NET LED’s Lighting Design team were tasked with providing a lighting solution and energy saving calculations for a bright and welcoming showroom environment.

1200x600mm Kingston LED Panels combine PMMA light guide plates with UGR<19 rated diffusers to create high levels of uniform brightness and reduce the effects of glare. The Tri-Colour feature allows for the colour temperature to be chosen at the time of installation (3000K, 4000K or 5500K). In this case, the colour temperature was set to 4000K to illuminate the space at a general level, providing light to the entire room without focusing on a single product.

The Result

“NET LED Lighting offered us a solution that is not only energy efficient and cost saving, but also creates a vibrant and comforting environment for staff and customers. They were professional from start to finish and I couldn’t recommend them enough.” – Holly Male, E-Commerce Product Manager for Smart Living

The light in a showroom stays illuminated for at least 10 hours a day, representing a hefty financial cost if not mitigated. For this reason, investing in energy-efficient lighting systems can provide the same output for a much lower cost.

With the Kingston Panels installed, the Smart Living showroom has a brilliant quality of light and is an ideal space to show off their range of smart furniture.

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