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Vertical Brilliance: Crafting Visual Spectacles with Up-Down Wall Lighting

Up-Down Wall Lighting transcends mere functionality; it’s a dynamic tool for shaping atmospheres and highlighting architectural features. The way light and shadows interact, where fixtures are placed, and the type of lighting chosen all contribute to how a room feels beyond just making it visible.

Hatley Up/Down Wall Lights from NET LED Lighting showcases a transformative approach, creating the perfect synergy of form and function. These versatile lights not only illuminate spaces but also elevate architectural features.

Whether emphasising the shape of a building, drawing attention to a stylish staircase, or showcasing the textures of a wall, Hatley Up/Down Wall Lights redefine lighting as a collaborative partner in enhancing architectural details

Creating Dynamic Environments:

Hatley Up/Down Wall LightsUp-down wall lighting emerges as a revolutionary force in shaping dynamic visual experiences. Departing from conventional fixtures that cast light in a single direction, these versatile luminaires illuminate both upward and downward. This dual-directional lighting not only introduces depth and dimension to walls but also conjures captivating visual effects, turning commonplace spaces into extraordinary realms.

Standing out in this field is the Hatley Wall Light – meticulously designed to cast light both upwards and downwards, creating striking visual effects that redefine the ambience and aesthetics of any environment . For versatility, the Hatley range of Wall lights also offers a Single Direction option, providing you with the flexibility to focus illumination precisely without the need for light dispersion in both directions.

Setting the Mood:

Lighting assumes a pivotal role in orchestrating the mood of a space, and up-down wall lighting excels in this art. The control over light intensity and direction grants designers the ability to orchestrate a spectrum of atmospheres – from cosy and intimate to bold and dramatic. This versatility extends across various applications, making up-down wall lighting a go-to choice for diverse lighting design needs.

Hatley Up Down Wall Light PIR Pathways: Up-down wall lights elegantly line pathways, providing not only practical illumination but also creating a subtle play of light and shadow. This not only ensures safe navigation but also adds a touch of sophistication to outdoor spaces. Furthermore, our Hatley wall lights offer a PIR Sensor option—an intelligent solution ideal for outdoor applications. Activating the light only when heat signatures are detected, the PIR Sensor ensures energy efficiency, providing a cost-effective and functional lighting solution for various projects.

Entrances: Making a grand statement at entrances, these fixtures welcome guests with a captivating interplay of light. By casting both upward and downward beams, they highlight architectural elements, creating a warm and inviting ambience for residents and visitors.

Indoor Accent Lighting: Transforming indoor spaces, up-down wall lights serve as dynamic accent pieces. Whether mounted in hallways or alcoves, they contribute to the overall aesthetic, emphasising textures and architectural details, turning ordinary walls into visual masterpieces.Hatley single direction Wall Light

Architectural Features: These lights excel at accentuating the architectural features of buildings. From highlighting the sleek lines of modern structures to adding a timeless touch to traditional designs, up-down wall lights become integral elements in showcasing the beauty of architecture.

Art Galleries and Museums: In spaces dedicated to art, precision in lighting is paramount. Up-down wall lights provide the perfect solution by delicately illuminating artworks without causing glare or shadows, allowing patrons to appreciate every detail in a visually pleasing environment.

Ideal for Accent Lighting:

Precision and style converge seamlessly in the Hatley Wall Light, making it the quintessential choice for accent lighting. This fixture empowers your contractor to spotlight key architectural elements, showcase artworks, or accentuate any focal point deserving of special attention. Its dual-directional illumination ensures a nuanced interplay of light and shadow, transforming these focal points into visually arresting features within your space.

Indoor and Outdoor Versatility:

Hatley Up Down Wall Light IP54 rating

Beyond its aesthetic prowess, the Hatley Wall Lights boasts practical versatility. With an IP54 rating, its housing provides robust protection against dust and water ingress, rendering it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Additionally, our Hatley wall lights offer a PIR Sensor option, an intelligent solution perfect for outdoor applications. The PIR Sensor activates the light only when heat signatures are detected, ensuring energy efficiency and saving business owners money. This innovative feature adds a layer of functionality, making the Hatley Wall Light an even more versatile and cost-effective choice for a wide range of lighting projects.

This adaptability allows for the seamless integration of the Hatley Wall Light into various environments, whether it’s enhancing the ambience of an art gallery or illuminating an outdoor patio space. Available in sleek black and silver housing options, it effortlessly complements any design scheme.

Choosing the Right Fixtures:

silver Hatley Up Down Wall Light

Choosing the right fixtures is pivotal in realising your design vision. Selecting the perfect up-down light is the key to achieving your design goals, and the Hatley Wall Light not only meets but exceeds expectations. Its sleek design, available in both black and silver, along with dual-directional lighting and weather-resistant construction, positions it as the standout choice for those who prioritise precision, style, and durability in their lighting designs.

With the added PIR feature, the Hatley Up-Down wall light goes beyond guaranteeing energy efficiency and financial savings for businesses. It introduces an extra layer of functionality, catering to a diverse range of lighting projects and solidifying its status as a comprehensive and versatile lighting solution.



Up-down lighting, with its ability to cast light in multiple directions, stands as a distinctive and sophisticated approach to enhancing the ambience of any environment.

Whether you’re accentuating architectural features, setting the mood, or seamlessly transitioning from indoor to outdoor spaces, embracing the versatility and elegance of up-down wall lighting, particularly exemplified by the Hatley Wall Light, allows you to craft visually stunning spectacles that linger in the memory of those who experience them.

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