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The Trinity Dimmable LED Linear: Classroom Brilliance

Picture this: a bustling classroom filled with eager young minds, ready to embark on a journey of discovery and learning. Yet, amidst the excitement, there lurks a subtle but significant hindrance – a lacklustre lighting environment. Many educational institutions find themselves grappling with the consequences of outdated LED linear lighting systems that simply don’t meet the mark in today’s dynamic classrooms.

The problem? Dim, flickering fluorescents cast uneven illumination, creating glare and shadows that distract both students and educators. Inconsistent lighting levels across the room not only strain the eyes but also disrupt concentration and hinder productivity. Imagine trying to focus on a complex maths problem or delve into the nuances of literature when the lighting doesn’t quite co-operate – it’s a challenge that impedes the educational journey.

Also, traditional lighting fixtures often come with hefty maintenance requirements and high energy consumption, draining resources, and detracting from the core mission of fostering academic excellence. As schools strive to create nurturing, inspiring environments where every student can thrive, addressing these lighting challenges emerges as a crucial step towards unlocking the full potential of education.

It’s essential to recognise the pivotal role that lighting plays.

Enter NET LED Lighting’s Dimmable Trinity LED Linears – a fitting designed to address the shortcomings of traditional classroom lighting.

What are LED linears?

LED linears often have a sleek, elongated design that delivers uniform illumination across large spaces. These luminaires can be suspended, surface-mounted, and recessed, allowing for seamless integration into diverse environments. With their slim profiles and customisable lengths, LED linears offer flexibility, enabling educators to tailor lighting solutions to specific classroom layouts and requirements.

The Advantages of Dimmable Trinity LED Linears in Classrooms

Dimmable Trinity LED Linears deliver crisp, uniform illumination without the drawbacks of flickering or uneven light distribution. Whether suspended from the ceiling or surface-mounted, they offer versatility and adaptability to suit any classroom layout.

But the true power of these fittings lie in their advanced features and capabilities.

Flexibility in Lighting Control

Equipped with Tridonic one4all Dimming technology, these fixtures empower educators with unprecedented control over lighting intensity. From vibrant group discussions to quiet study sessions, Dimmable Trinity LED Linears allow for seamless adjustment of brightness levels to accommodate diverse learning activities and preferences.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) dimming technology enables precise control over energy consumption, allowing educators to optimise lighting levels while minimising wastage. By dimming lights when natural daylight is sufficient or when areas of the classroom aren’t in use, schools can significantly reduce energy costs and environmental impacts.

Enhanced Safety and Preparedness

Emergencies can arise unexpectedly in any environment, including classrooms. Having a emergency option allows educators and students to respond effectively to emergency situations by providing adequate lighting for evacuation routes, emergency procedures, and safety protocols. Dimmable Emergency Trinity LED Linears provides consistent, reliable illumination at reduced brightness levels, helping occupants maintain a clear line of sight and navigate evacuation routes with confidence.

Selectable Colour Temperature

The ability to select from multiple colour temperatures during installation allows educators to choose the most suitable lighting solution for the classroom’s specific needs. Whether aiming for a warm ambiance conducive to relaxation and creativity (3000K), a neutral, balanced illumination for general tasks and activities (4000K), or a cool, energising light to promote focus and alertness during intensive learning sessions (5700K), having options ensures that the lighting can be tailored to meet the requirements of different classrooms.

Easy Installation

Installation is a breeze thanks to their user-friendly push connector and flexible cable entry options. Whether retrofitting existing classrooms or outfitting new projects, these luminaires streamline the installation process, minimising downtime, and disruption to daily activities.

Available in Multiple Sizes

Classrooms come in various shapes and sizes, each with its unique layout and spatial requirements. Different classroom layouts may require varying levels of light distribution to ensure consistent illumination across the entire area. By offering LED linears in different lengths, schools can achieve optimal light distribution without over – or under – lighting certain areas. Longer fixtures, such as 5ft or 6ft LED linears, may be ideal for larger classrooms or open spaces, providing ample coverage and minimising the number of fittings required. Shorter fixtures, such as 4ft LED linears, may be more suitable for smaller classrooms or areas with limited ceiling space.

Choosing the Ideal LED Linear for Your Classroom

Product Size Lumens Lifespan
34W/50W Standard 5ft 4830lm/7120lm 50,000 Hours Order Now
34W/50W Emergency 5ft 4830lm/7120lm 50,000 Hours Order Now
34W/50W Self Test Emergency 5ft 7120lm 50,000 Hours Order Now
50W Dimmable 5ft 7120lm 50,000 Hours Order Now
50W Dimmable Emergency 5ft 7120lm 50,000 Hours Order Now
50W Dimmable Self Test Emergency 5ft 7120lm 50,000 Hours Order Now
50W DALI Emergency 5ft 7120lm 50,000 Hours Order Now
34W/50W Microwave Sensor 5ft 4830lm/7120lm 50,000 Hours Order Now
34W/50W Microwave Sensor Emergency 5ft 4830lm/7120lm 50,000 Hours Order Now
34W/50W Microwave Sensor Self Test Emergency 5ft 4830lm/7120lm 50,000 Hours Order Now
50W Bluetooth 5ft 7120lm 50,000 Hours Order Now
50W Bluetooth Emergency 5ft 7120lm 50,000 Hours Order Now


Can’t see what you’re after? View our full product range including 4ft and 6ft sizes.


What is LED linear lighting?

LED linear lighting refers to a type of lighting fixture that consists of a long, narrow strip or linear arrangement of LEDs. These fixtures are designed to provide uniform illumination across a wide area, making them ideal for various indoor applications.

What is DALI dimming?

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) refers to a lighting control protocol that allows for individual control and dimming of each light fixture within a DALI network. DALI dimming systems use digital communication between lighting fixtures and control devices, enabling precise adjustment of light levels to meet specific requirements.

How does DALI dimming work?

DALI dimming systems consist of control devices like switches, sensors, and lighting controllers that send digital commands to DALI-compatible lighting fixtures. Each DALI-compatible fixture is assigned a unique address within the DALI network, allowing for individual control and dimming. Control devices send digital commands to specific lighting fixtures, instructing them to adjust their light output, dimming level, or other parameters.

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