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The Ultimate Guide To LED Flood Lights

When it comes to lighting solutions, LED Flood Lights offer superior energy efficiency, longevity, and versatility. As a leading LED lighting supplier for electrical wholesalers in the UK, we specialise in providing commercial and industrial LED lighting solutions that cater to a variety of needs and applications. This ultimate guide will cover everything you need to know about LED flood lights, highlighting the features, benefits, and applications of our top products: the Ramsey Marine Grade Flood Light and the Keyston Dual Wattage Tri-Colour Flood Light.

Understanding LED Flood Lights

What Are LED Flood Lights?

LED flood lights are high-intensity, broad-beamed lights commonly used to illuminate large outdoor spaces, including stadiums, parking lots, building exteriors, and industrial sites. These lights are known for their high efficiency, long lifespan, and the ability to produce a significant amount of light with minimal energy consumption. Unlike traditional lighting options, LED flood lights offer precise control over light distribution, reducing wastage and ensuring that light is directed exactly where it is needed.

Why Choose LED Flood Lights Over Traditional Lighting?

The transition from traditional fluorescent or halogen flood lights to LED flood lights brings several benefits:

  • Energy Efficiency: LED flood lights consume significantly less power, reducing electricity bills. This is particularly beneficial for businesses and industrial settings where large-scale lighting is required. For example, the Ramsey Marine Grade Flood Light can save end-users a significant amount on their energy bills. For example, by replacing traditional lighting such as 20 400W HPS fittings with 20 200W Ramsey Flood Lights, users can save up to £3,500 per year based on an average combined electricity cost of £0.24 pence/Kwh as of April 2024. This not only reduces operating costs but also contributes to a greener environment.
  • Longevity: LEDs have a longer lifespan, often lasting up to 50,000 hours or more, which reduces the need for frequent replacements. This longevity translates to lower maintenance costs and fewer disruptions.
  • Environmental Impact: LEDs are free from toxic chemicals such as mercury, and they are fully recyclable, making them a greener choice. Reduced energy consumption also means a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Cost Savings: Reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs lead to significant savings over time. Additionally, the decreased need for replacements means fewer expenditures on new fixtures and labour.
  • Instant On: Unlike some traditional lighting options that take time to reach full brightness, LEDs provide instant illumination, making them ideal for security lighting and other applications where immediate light is essential.

Key Features and Specifications of Our LED Flood Lights

Ramsey Marine Grade Flood Light

The Ramsey Marine Grade Flood Light is designed for industrial spaces, offering robust performance and durability. Here are its standout features:

  • Colour Temperature: Available in 6000K, providing a bright and crisp light ideal for industrial settings. This high colour temperature helps in creating a well-lit environment that enhances visibility and safety.
  • Wattage Options: Available in 100W/150W or 200W/240W, catering to various lighting needs. These options ensure that users can choose the appropriate light output for different areas and tasks.
  • Selectable Power Setting: Allows contractors to choose between different wattage settings at the time of installation. This flexibility is particularly useful in dynamic environments where lighting needs may change over time.
  • IP66 and IK10 Rated Housing: Ensures protection from moisture, dust, and impact, making it suitable for harsh environments. The IP66 rating means the light is completely protected against dust and can withstand powerful water jets, while the IK10 rating indicates robust protection against mechanical impacts.
  • Marine Grade Coating: Protects against harsh weather conditions and sea salt, making it ideal for coastal and marine applications. This coating extends the fixture’s lifespan in environments where corrosion is a concern.
  • Tool-Free Bolts: Enables easy angle adjustments without the need for tools. This feature simplifies the installation process and allows for quick adjustments to optimise light direction.
  • Optional Accessories: Includes 2-in-1 Motion and Photocell Sensor, and Photocell Kit (Daylight Switch). These accessories enhance the functionality of the flood light by adding automatic control features that improve energy efficiency and convenience.

Ramsey Marine Grade Flood Light - front view.

Keyston Dual Wattage Tri-Colour Flood Light

The Keyston Dual Wattage Tri-Colour Flood Light is a versatile option suitable for various applications, particularly outdoor industrial units. Its key features include:

  • Selectable Colour Temperature: Choose between 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K, allowing for customisation at the time of installation. This feature enables users to create different lighting atmospheres, from warm and inviting to bright and focused.
  • Wattage Options: Available in 10W/20W, 30W/50W, or 75W/100W. These options provide flexibility in choosing the right amount of light output for specific areas and applications.
  • Selectable Power Setting: Contractors can adjust the wattage at the time of installation based on their customer’s needs, which helps in managing energy consumption and achieving desired illumination levels.
  • IP65 and IK08 Rated Housing: Provides protection against moisture, dust, and impact. The IP65 rating ensures protection against low-pressure water jets and dust ingress, while the IK08 rating offers a good level of impact resistance.
  • Frosted Glass Diffuser: Reduces glare and prevents the risk of broken glass contamination, making it ideal for food processing areas. This feature ensures a comfortable lighting experience and enhances safety.
  • Optional Accessories: Includes PIR Sensor and Photocell Sensor for enhanced energy efficiency. These sensors allow for automatic lighting control, reducing energy waste by ensuring lights are only on when needed.

Keyston 50W Dual Wattage Tri-Colour Flood Light - front view with PIR Sensor

Where can LED Flood Lights be used?

Industrial Spaces

In industrial environments, reliable and efficient lighting is crucial for maintaining safety and productivity. The Ramsey Marine Grade Flood Light is designed to meet these demands with its robust construction and high lumen output. Whether it’s illuminating large factory floors, warehouses, or outdoor loading areas, these flood lights provide the necessary brightness and durability. The ability to withstand harsh conditions makes them ideal for environments where exposure to dust, moisture, and impacts is common.

Outdoor Spaces

The Keyston Dual Wattage Tri-Colour Flood Light is perfect for outdoor spaces around industrial units. Its selectable colour temperature and power settings allow for tailored lighting solutions that can enhance security and visibility. Whether it’s for car parks, building exteriors, or outdoor workspaces, these flood lights offer flexibility and performance. The addition of motion and photocell sensors ensures that the lights operate efficiently, reducing energy costs and extending the life of the fixtures.

Installation and Maintenance of LED Flood Lights

Ease of Installation

Our LED flood lights are designed with ease of installation in mind. The Ramsey Marine Grade Flood Light features tool-free bolts, allowing contractors to set the angle of the flood light without the need for tools. This simplifies the installation process and reduces time and labour costs. The ability to make quick adjustments also means that the lighting can be optimised more efficiently during installation.

The Keyston Dual Wattage Tri-Colour Flood Light is compatible with optional PIR and Photocell Sensors. Contractors can simply plug their chosen sensor into the fitting and have it operational immediately. This plug-and-play feature ensures a hassle-free installation process, reducing the time and complexity typically associated with sensor integration.


LED flood lights generally require less maintenance compared to traditional lighting solutions. Their long lifespan means fewer replacements and the robust construction of our products ensures they can withstand harsh conditions, reducing the likelihood of damage. Regular maintenance tasks, such as cleaning the fixtures and checking for any physical damage, can be performed easily due to the accessible design of our flood lights.

Enhancing Functionality with Accessories for LED Flood Lights

Selectable Power and Colour Settings

The ability to select power and colour settings at the time of installation is a significant advantage of our LED flood lights. This feature allows users to customise the lighting based on their specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency. For example, a user might choose a higher wattage and cooler colour temperature for a high-activity area to ensure maximum visibility, while opting for a lower wattage and warmer colour temperature in a more relaxed environment.

Emergency Lighting

Incorporating emergency lighting into flood light fixtures is crucial for safety and compliance with regulations. The Ramsey Marine Grade Flood Light offers an emergency option, providing illumination during power outages or emergency situations. This ensures that critical areas remain visible and safe for occupants. Emergency lighting is essential in ensuring safe evacuation routes and maintaining operations in critical areas during unexpected power failures.

Motion and Photocell Sensors

The optional 2-in-1 Motion and Photocell Sensor and PIR Sensor accessories enhance the functionality of our flood lights by offering intelligent lighting control. These sensors detect occupancy and movement, adjusting brightness levels accordingly. This not only improves energy efficiency but also ensures that the lights operate only when needed, further reducing energy costs. For example, in a parking lot, the lights can remain dim when no one is present and brighten when movement is detected, providing security without unnecessary energy consumption.

How can NET LED supercharge your operations?

Customer Support and Services

We understand the importance of providing excellent support to our customers. The myNETLED Online Order Portal gives wholesalers and contractors 24-hour access to product specifications, installation guides, data sheets, and live stock data. The portal ensures that customers have all the information they need at their fingertips, making the ordering process seamless. The availability of detailed product information and technical documents helps in planning and executing projects efficiently.

Additionally, our technical support team is available during business hours to assist with any questions or issues related to the functionality and installation of our products. This support ensures that our customers can confidently use and install our LED flood lights, knowing that help is readily available if needed. Our team is equipped to provide guidance on product selection, troubleshooting, and installation best practices.

Ordering and Availability

Electrical wholesalers can place orders for our LED flood lights through the myNETLED Portal. Whilst contractors can use the myNETLED Contractor Portal to send quotes directly to their preferred wholesaler. For those who do not have access to the portal, call us on 01223 851505 to set up an account.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide Next Day Delivery on all lighting products, regardless of the quantity ordered. Orders placed before 6 p.m. are dispatched for next-day delivery, ensuring that our customers receive their products promptly and can meet their project deadlines. Our efficient logistics and well-managed inventory ensure that we can fulfil orders quickly, even for large quantities or last-minute requests.


LED flood lights are an essential component of modern lighting solutions, offering unparalleled energy efficiency, longevity, and versatility. Our Ramsey Marine Grade Flood Light and Keyston Dual Wattage Tri-Colour Flood Light are designed to meet the diverse needs of industrial and outdoor applications, providing robust performance and customisable options.

By choosing our LED flood lights, customers can benefit from reduced energy costs, enhanced safety and security, and easy installation and maintenance. With a commitment to quality and customer support, we aim to make ordering LED lighting as painless as possible for electrical wholesalers, ensuring they have access to the best products and services in the industry.

For more information about our LED flood lights and to place an order, visit the myNETLED Portal or contact us directly at 01223 851505. Embrace the future of lighting with our high-performance LED flood lights and experience the difference they can make in your projects. Whether you are illuminating a vast industrial space or ensuring the security of an outdoor area, our LED flood lights are the perfect solution for reliable, efficient, and cost-effective lighting.

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