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Self-Test Emergency Lighting Explained

Emergency Lighting plays a vital role in the safety and security of a building’s occupants, providing illumination in the event of a power failure or emergency. Building owners have a responsibility to make sure their properties meet regulations, are compliant and safe for staff and customers. They must be able to prove that their Emergency Lighting systems are working consistently and are being maintained in full working order. This requires a regular inspection of every unit carried out by a specialist or competent person – a time-consuming and costly task that can be easily overlooked.

Self-Test fittings remove the need for manual inspection by automatically carrying out their own tests in line with the relevant standards, saving building owners and operators significant time and money.


The Benefits

• Reduced maintenance costs – faults are identified via an automatic monthly test saving time and money on tedious manual inspections

• Reliable and secure – regular testing means all areas of the building are protected in the event of a power failure or emergency

• It’s convenient – regular tests are carried out quietly and efficiently without disruption to the normal operations of the building

• Easy to install – there’s no need for key switches or data cables!

So, how does it work?

Self-test units use an internal clock programmed to initiate tests at set intervals:

• A short functional test every month
• A full duration test once every 12 months with the first taking place within 4 weeks of installation

The results of these tests are then shown by an LED indicator on the fitting. The user simply needs to check the status of the indicator and log the results. It’s that simple!

Monitoring the results is also straightforward:

• Constant green LED – active and functioning

• Flashing amber LED – low battery

• Flashing red LED – failed test

This not only saves maintenance and facilities personnel from having to test every individual fitting, but it also means they only need to attend to units with reported faults. Reports occur almost instantly, and the fitting will continue to warn of the fault until a fix has been made.

NET LED highly recommend upgrading to a self-test emergency system. Over time, business owners will save dramatically on maintenance costs and can rest easy knowing their building is always protected and complies with regulations.


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