Score Top Marks: The Benefits of Using LED Lighting for Schools
LED lighting in a school corridor

Score Top Marks: The Benefits of Using LED Lighting for Schools

As schools and colleges throughout the UK begin their yearly upgrade of their lighting, contractors are tasked with completing these projects within a restricted window of time, given the half-term and school holiday periods during which students are absent. At moments like these, finding a lighting supplier with a comprehensive product range designed to make the buying process for wholesalers and electrical contractors much easier is essential. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of using LED lighting for schools.

Read on to learn more about LED lighting for schools.

  1. What are the lighting requirements for schools?
  2. What’s the best lighting for a school classroom?
  3. What’s the best lighting for school corridors and stairwells?
  4. What’s the best lighting for school sports halls?

What are the lighting requirements for schools?

Studies have revealed that the right environment can significantly bolster the subconscious processes of learning. In current educational facilities, varying types of activities and instructional techniques are utilised.

To guarantee the most suitable lighting, it’s essential to focus on the following aspects:

  • ensuring there is sufficient light intensity to be seen by both the teacher and student
  • prioritising natural daylight in any shared spaces such as classrooms, hallways, offices and recreational areas
  • having an accessible and clear view of the outdoors or farther surroundings to reduce any risk of eye strain
  • incorporating controls for light, as well as external lighting to ensure safe pathways in the evening, including lighting for any outdoor sports or recreational activities
  • supplying appropriate emergency lighting in all places that are accessible after dark

Lighting standards must be met for lux levels, uniformity ratios, glare ratings (UGR) and occasionally ingress protection (IP) requirements. For instance, depending on who is in a classroom and what activities are taking place, different levels of illumination are necessary. For children, an average classroom requires a lux level of 300, while for adults and evening classes, 500lux is ideal.

What’s the best lighting for a school classroom?

A well-lit classroom can make all the difference when it comes to a productive learning environment. The light should be bright enough to allow students to read and write comfortably whilst avoiding glare on computer screens and shiny surfaces. Additionally, the lighting should be evenly distributed throughout the classroom to avoid harsh shadows or dark spots.

NET LED Lighting’s Kingston Panels are a popular choice for modern classrooms due to their UGR<19 rated low glare diffusers. They reduce the risk of visual discomfort, fatigue, and headaches by minimising harsh light and glare that can cause eyestrain, enhancing student comfort, and increasing the focus and productivity. The PMMA Light Guide Plate creates a uniform light distribution, improving the light transmittance and brightness and leading to a greater energy efficiency.

NET LED Lighting's Kingston LED Panels for schools

Natural light is always preferred, but lately, Tunable White luminaires have been found to benefit the learning process. Classrooms serve as the stage for a plethora of activities – from reading and writing to presentations, plays, exams and more. To accommodate these activities, modern classrooms need to be flexible. Our Tunable White Panels and their adjustable colour temperature can be used to mimic a natural light cycle which is beneficial to the mind and body. For the body to be able to perform well, it’s important that our circadian rhythm is stable. The end user can customise the lighting of the room to suit a variety of activities. Scenes can be pre-set, and brightness levels and colour temperatures can be adjusted using an App or the Dimmable/Scene Switch.

Our new Trinity Surface Linears are also an effective LED lighting solution for classrooms and lecture halls. The rear or end cable entry allows the contractor to create seamless end-to-end lighting designs, providing a modern and clean look for educational applications.

Available with an integral On/Off Microwave Sensor, this fitting saves energy costs as it only comes on when movement is detected.

A combination of natural and LED lighting is the perfect solution for a school classroom, as it provides ample lighting without sacrificing comfort or productivity. By choosing the right lighting for a classroom, students will be able to focus on their work without feeling tired or strained.

NET LED Lighting's Trinity LED Surface Linear for schools

What’s the best lighting for school corridors and stairwells?

Lighting plays a major role in fostering a pleasant environment while offering adequate guidance and security – especially in an emergency. The lighting design of a school’s corridors enables students to navigate the building more easily, providing them with a sense of direction in big and confusing schools or universities.

The circulation areas in a school have a great impact on energy efficiency. Just like during rush hour on public roads, there are periods of low traffic in corridors and stairwells, too. Microwave sensors can sense when it’s not necessary to have full lighting in these areas, significantly reducing energy costs by triggering lights in the corridor to switch on only when people are present.

The Microwave Sensor Yaxley Slim Circulars have an integrated Standby Mode which automatically dims the light level to 0, 10 or 25% of full brightness when no movement is detected, ensuring the safety of staff and students, and maximising energy savings.

NET LED Lighting's Yaxley LED Slim Circular for schools

The high output Emergency Kit on all Emergency options also ensures everyone can be guided safely to the nearest exit in the event of an emergency or power failure.

Available in up to ten different options, the Yaxley Slim Circulars have a selectable colour temperature (3000K, 4000K or 5500K) and power setting (14W/20W), so contractors can make those all-important decisions on site at the time of installation, and wholesalers are able to reduce their stock holding, instead of purchasing two or three different products.

What’s more, these fittings are manufactured in NET LED’s very own production facility in Cambridge which enables us to respond to demand quickly and reduce product lead time – ideal for those projects that span across several months and need lighting supplied on a back-to-back basis.

What’s the best lighting for school sports halls?

When designing a multi-sports hall, care should be taken to ensure that the proposed LED lighting accommodates all the different sporting activities that will take place. The lighting must be clear and balanced, avoiding any glare that may obstruct the vision of players, officials, or spectators.

The glare of overly bright lights is incredibly distracting and makes it difficult to track the ball. For sports such as tennis, badminton and basketball, in which players are often looking up, minimising glare is vital. The Burwell Linear High Bay’s honeycomb-style reflector helps keep visibility clear and enables players and spectators to look up at the fitting comfortably without squinting.

NET LED Lighting's Burwell LED Linear High Bay for schools

Falling components or damaged fixtures can be dangerous and the safety of participants and spectators is paramount. Boasting an IK10 rating, the Burwell is crafted from a strong aluminium housing and polycarbonate diffuser, protecting it from ball strikes and projectiles during sporting events.

As the amount of light required is high, energy consumption should be kept to a minimum. Some sports halls may be divided by partition walls so different activities can take place in different zones. Installing Microwave Sensor Linear High Bays will help decrease energy consumption and save money – especially in circumstances where only some of the sports hall is being used. Additionally, a standard fitting can be turned into a Dimmable one in minutes with the 1-10V Dimmable driver. This is especially useful if the sports hall is also used for evening activities such as assemblies, award ceremonies or school plays.

To summarise…

LED lighting has become the leading energy-saving measure for UK schools due to its potential for cost and energy savings – especially when paired with smart controls. On average, large primary schools can save thousands of pounds annually from the instant benefits of LED lighting.

Not only are there substantial financial advantages, LED lighting drastically enhances the learning environment. Increased light levels and a natural, daylight-like quality bring an uplifting atmosphere to any school, far better than the orange glow and flickering of traditional fluorescent lamps.

Have a school or college project on the horizon?

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