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The Power of Adaptability: How Dimmable T5 LED Tubes Shape Ambiance

The transition from conventional fluorescent tubes to LED technology signifies a significant advancement within the lighting industry. Explore the versatility, efficiency, and environmentally conscious features of Carlton T5 DALI Dimmable Tubes, which define a new standard in modern lighting solutions.

Understanding T5 LED Tubes:

T5 LED Tubes represent a significant leap forward from traditional fluorescent tubes, boasting advanced LED technology for brighter and more consistent illumination while consuming less energy. The “T5” refers to the tube’s slimmer diameter, allowing for sleeker and more versatile lighting installations. The availability of dimmable tubes offers the flexibility to adjust brightness levels, providing precise control over the lighting ambience.

It’s crucial to note that when considering dimmable tubes, compatibility with existing lighting fixtures and dimming systems should be ensured. Some dimmable tubes may require specific dimmers or ballasts for proper functioning, making it essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for installation and compatibility.

The NET LEDS Carlton T5 Tubes present an environmentally conscious lighting solution, incorporating innovative features such as rotatable end caps, a colour temperature of 4000K and 5500K, and a DALI dimmable driver for enhanced adaptability.

Maximising Flexibility with Carlton DALI T5 LED Tubes:

The Carlton DALI T5 LED Tubes escape the outdated constraints of traditional fluorescent lighting. Designed for various settings, including offices, retail spaces, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions, their slim design not only allows for creative and flexible installations but also proves ideal for both new constructions and retrofitting existing spaces.

Engineered for seamless retrofitting into existing fixtures, these tubes minimise downtime and disruption during upgrades, proving efficient, practical, and cost-effective for both new projects and renovations.

For contractors and business owners prioritising energy efficiency, the Carlton dimmable T5 LED tubes not only facilitate customised lighting but also contribute to overall energy savings.

The ability to adjust brightness levels allows for optimised energy consumption, resulting in lower electricity bills and a reduced environmental impact—an advantageous outcome for both clients and the planet.

Offering a longer lifespan, reduced maintenance costs, and substantial energy savings, the Carlton T5 DALI tubes prove to be a sensible choice that provides long-term benefits, outperforming traditional fluorescent lighting.

What are the benefits of Carlton DALI T5 Tubes?

The NET LED Carlton T5 Tubes provide a comprehensive range of options, including various sizes (1ft, 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft), with a single 4000K or 5500K colour temperatures ensuring bright and crisp light. This makes them particularly well-suited for industrial spaces where clarity and visibility are paramount.

For more functionality, the Carlton dimmable T5 tubes are also available in a 3-hour emergency option, adding an extra layer of safety and convenience. During power outages or emergencies, the tube seamlessly transitions into emergency mode, providing reliable lighting for up to three hours.

This extensive selection allows businesses to tailor their lighting solutions with precision, ensuring that every space receives the optimal illumination for its unique requirements.

In addition to their versatility, the inclusion of an aluminium housing elevates the durability of the Carlton T5 LED tubes. This not only ensures a longer lifespan but also enhances the overall robustness of the tubes, making them resilient in diverse environmental conditions.

A standout feature of the Carlton T5 tubes is their rotatable end cap design, providing users with the flexibility to direct light precisely where it’s needed. This feature adds a layer of adaptability to the tubes, making them suitable for environments where targeted illumination is crucial for operational efficiency or aesthetic considerations.

In recognition of the importance of continuous illumination, the Carlton dimmable T5 LED tubes offer emergency options. With a 3H Emergency kit and DALI Emergency kit available, these tubes ensure that even in unexpected power outages, critical areas remain well-lit. This feature is especially valuable in spaces where uninterrupted lighting is essential for safety and security.

For business owners, the inclusion of DALI Emergency kits in the Carlton T5 LED Tubes ensures reliable lighting during power disruptions but also provides advanced control and monitoring capabilities. This intelligent emergency lighting system, integrated with the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) protocol, allows for seamless communication and coordination with centralised lighting control systems.

By incorporating the DALI Emergency feature, business owners gain enhanced flexibility in managing emergency lighting scenarios. The ability to remotely monitor, test, and adjust emergency lighting systems contributes to streamlined facility management, minimising downtime, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

The Fluorescent Tube Ban:

The Fluorescent Tube Ban represents a pivotal moment in the lighting industry, reflecting a global commitment to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. Recent regulatory measures have taken a bold stance by enforcing a ban on specific types of fluorescent tubes, marking a clear departure from outdated technologies with higher energy consumption and environmental impact.

T5 LED TubeConsidering the recent regulatory changes aimed at promoting energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, the Carlton Dimmable T5 LED Tubes provide a lighting solution that aligns seamlessly with the evolving industry landscape.

The Carlton DALI T5 LED Tubes not only meet the new regulations but set themselves apart by offering retrofitting capability. This means they can seamlessly integrate into existing fittings, presenting a cost-effective and practical solution for businesses looking to upgrade their lighting infrastructure without the need for extensive renovations or replacements.

By surpassing regulatory requirements and introducing retrofitting capabilities, the Carlton DALI T5 LED Tubes not only address the immediate need for compliance but also empower businesses to make sustainable and forward-thinking choices.

If you want to know more about the fluorescent ban, read our blog ‘T5 & T8 Fluorescent Tube Ban UK 2023 – Everything You Need To Know

Benefits of LEDs Over Fluorescents:

The shift towards LED lighting, particularly with the Carlton DALI T5 LED Tubes, represents a significant leap forward in lighting technology, offering a multitude of benefits that not only enhance the quality of illumination but also contribute to sustainable and cost-effective practices. These benefits include:

1. Energy Efficiency:

LED technology is renowned for its remarkable energy efficiency. The Carlton DALI T5 LED Tubes consume significantly less energy compared to traditional fluorescent lighting. This creates substantial cost savings on energy bills for businesses, making it a financially sensible and environmentally responsible choice.

2. Durability:

The durability of NET LED’s Carlton Tubes stands out as a key advantage. These tubes have a longer lifespan compared to fluorescent tubes, with an operational life of 50,000 hours. The extended lifespan reduces the frequency of replacements, leading to lower maintenance costs for businesses.

3. Instant Lighting:

One notable drawback of traditional fluorescent tubes is the delay in reaching full brightness. The Carlton T5 Tubes provide instant lighting, which is not only convenient but also enhances operational efficiency, particularly in environments where immediate and consistent lighting is crucial.

4. DALI Dimmability:

The DALI dimmable feature in the Carlton T5 Tubes revolutionises lighting control, offering businesses unparalleled precision in adjusting brightness levels for tailored environments. With options for manual control through a DALI rotary switch or integration into a centralised system, users can fine-tune the ambience to meet specific needs. This adaptability is particularly valuable in creating dynamic and comfortable environments tailored to different activities or moods.

5. Environmentally Friendly:

LED technology is environmentally friendly, and Dimmable T5 LED Tubes stand out as an eco-conscious choice. Unlike fluorescent tubes, LED technology is mercury-free, eliminating the environmental hazards associated with mercury-containing lighting. Choosing LED contributes to sustainability goals, aligning with global initiatives to reduce carbon footprints.


Your Questions Answered:

Are T5 tubes being phased out?

Yes, T5 fluorescent tubes are being phased out in the UK as a result of the revised RoHS Directive to reduce the use of mercury-containing lamps. The phase-out took effect from September 1st 2023, with T5 fluorescent tubes now no longer available in the UK after February 2024.

Can I replace a T5 fluorescent tube with an LED?

Yes, NET LED’s Carlton T5 Tubes, are suitable replacements for T5 fluorescent tubes due to their retrofitting capabilities. LED tubes are energy-efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly alternatives.

What is a T5 tube?

A T5 tube refers to a type of fluorescent tube that is commonly used for lighting purposes. T5 tubes have a diameter of 16mm and are known for their energy efficiency. However, due to the revised RoHS Directive, T5 fluorescent tubes are being phased out in the UK and must be replaced with T5 LED Tubes.

What is the difference between T4 and T5 fluorescent tubes?

The difference between T4 and T5 fluorescent tubes lies in their diameter. T4 tubes have a smaller diameter (12 mm) compared to T5 tubes (16 mm). The choice between them often depends on specific lighting requirements and fixture compatibility.

Can you still buy T5 tubes?

T5 fluorescent tubes will no longer be available in the UK after February 2024. The phase-out is part of the efforts to comply with the revised RoHS Directive and reduce the use of mercury-containing lamps. While there may still be T5 tubes available from suppliers until stock is exhausted, the overall trend is moving towards the discontinuation of these tubes.



In conclusion, the evolution from conventional fluorescent tubes to LED technology marks a substantial advancement in the lighting industry.

The NET LED Carlton T5 Tubes, particularly the DALI variant, offer an environmentally conscious lighting solution with innovative features. Their slim design caters to diverse settings, ensuring seamless retrofitting into existing fixtures for efficient upgrades. Energy efficiency is maximised through brightness level adjustments, contributing to reduced electricity bills and a diminished environmental impact.

The Carlton T5 LED Tubes stand out within the Fluorescent Tube Ban empowering businesses to make sustainable and forward-thinking choices without extensive renovations and additional costs.

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