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Say Goodbye to Dark Corners: Maximising Space with LED Linear Lighting

Lighting has emerged as a critical element in crafting visually stunning and functional spaces, and LED linear lighting is at the forefront as a transformative solution to challenges posed by traditional lighting, such as bulky housings, energy inefficiency, short lifespans, and hazardous materials. Revolutionising interior design and architecture, LED linear lighting distinguishes itself with a sleek design and energy-efficient LED technology.

Sleek Design for Modern Aesthetics:

Contemporary design in the UK revolves around clean lines and minimalism. LED linear lighting fixtures perfectly align with this ethos, offering sleek and sophisticated designs that seamlessly integrate with modern aesthetics. Contractors and wholesalers can appreciate the appeal of fixtures that not only serve a practical purpose but also enhance the overall visual appeal of a space. The slim profile and unobtrusive nature of LED linear lights make them a valuable addition to any project, complementing the sophistication of modern British design.

The versatility of surface linear lighting makes it suitable for various school spaces. NET LED Lighting’s Trinity Surface Linear offers remarkable versatility, making it suitable for a variety of school spaces. From classrooms and hallways to libraries and common areas, these fixtures seamlessly integrate into different environments, ensuring consistent and appropriate lighting throughout the entire school facility.

Rear end cable entry in lighting fixtures like the Trinity Surface Linear offers a dual advantage of aesthetics and functionality. By concealing cables within the fixture, it creates a seamless and clean appearance, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the installation. Additionally, this feature simplifies installation for contractors, saves space, protects cables from damage, and allows for flexible placement of fixtures to meet diverse design requirements.

Ranging from 4ft to 6ft, the Trinity Surface Linears stand out as some of the most flexible fittings in our catalogue, thanks to their built-in Tri-Colour and dual-wattage features. During installation, users can choose the colour temperature (3000K, 4000K, or 5700K) and power setting (23W/32W, 34W/50W or 41W/60W) on-site, allowing for tailored lighting solutions to meet specific needs.

Additionally, the March Linear Light Bars also deserve mention for their sleek and sophisticated design, particularly suitable for educational, commercial, and industrial environments. These 4ft linear light bars feature a low glare rating of UGR<19, reducing headaches and improving focus, further enhancing their suitability for various settings.

Equipped with a built-in Tri-colour feature and 1-10V dimmable capability as standard, the March linear light bars offer flexibility and control over lighting preferences. The push connector design reduces installation time, featuring easy-to-use push-fit terminals and rear or end cable entry for a seamless end-to-end lighting design.

Enhancing Environments with Adaptive Lighting Solutions:

Flexibility is crucial for creating spaces that can effectively cater to the diverse needs and preferences of users. In today’s dynamic environments, where spaces are multifunctional and requirements can change, the ability to adjust lighting solutions accordingly is essential. Whether it’s a classroom that transitions from a focused learning environment to a collaborative workspace, or a retail store that needs to create different atmospheres for daytime browsing and evening events, the adaptability of lighting plays a crucial role.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings of LED Linear Lighting

The adoption of LED technology in surface linear fixtures significantly contributes to energy efficiency and cost savings. These fixtures consume less energy compared to traditional lighting sources, translating to reduced energy costs over time.

Surface linear lighting fixtures boast a longer lifespan than traditional lighting, resulting in reduced maintenance requirements. The longevity of LED technology means fewer replacements, saving both time and resources.

Our range of surface linear lights incorporates advanced technology to ensure safety and functionality in any environment. With Tridonic advanced dual-wattage drivers, users have the flexibility to select their preferred power settings during installation, optimising energy usage for specific needs.

Moreover, both the Cambridge and Trinity ranges offer Emergency options, including the 3H Emergency function, which is crucial for maintaining illumination during power outages or emergency situations. In the event of an unexpected loss of power, these emergency lights automatically activate, providing essential lighting to guide students and staff safely to designated areas. This proactive safety measure not only enhances overall security but also helps mitigate potential risks and ensure peace of mind for all occupants.

The integration of motion sensor technology in surface linear lighting fixtures adds an additional layer of efficiency and safety to school spaces. Specifically, our Trinity Surface Linear Microwave Sensor fitting utilises motion sensors to detect occupancy, automatically activating the lights when someone enters the area and turning them off when the space is vacant. This not only reduces energy consumption by ensuring lights are only in use when needed but also contributes to a safer environment by ensuring well-lit pathways for students and staff.

The motion sensor feature is particularly valuable in areas with intermittent foot traffic, such as hallways, where lights can be set to activate only when required, further enhancing energy efficiency.



In summary, LED linear lighting represents a significant advancement in lighting technology, addressing challenges posed by traditional methods while offering a range of benefits. From its sleek design to energy efficiency and customisable features, LED linear lighting solutions like the Cambridge and Trinity ranges offer versatility, adaptability, and safety enhancements. By prioritising functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability, LED linear lighting is changing the way we illuminate our surroundings, promising a brighter and more efficient future for lighting design.



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