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Enhancing Security with LED WallPacks

As electrical contractors and business owners, you recognise that a well-lit property serves a dual purpose—not only enhancing its aesthetic appeal but also ensuring the safety and security of your premises. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the extensive benefits of incorporating LED wallpacks, shedding light on how these innovative solutions can substantially elevate your business’ security measures.

Illuminating the Benefits

Effective lighting transcends the mere act of dispelling shadows; it’s about crafting a secure environment that not only deters potential threats but also amplifies the overall safety of your property. LED Wallpacks play a pivotal role in achieving this goal, offering a spectrum of benefits that extend beyond simple illumination.

Increased Visibility

The primary objective of LED Wallpacks is to provide bright, consistent illumination across the exterior of your property. This heightened visibility acts as a formidable deterrent to intruders, significantly minimising the likelihood of unauthorised access after hours. Businesses that invest in proper lighting often experience a substantial decrease in criminal activities such as vandalism and break-ins.

The integral Photocell functionality featured in NET LED Lighting’s Easton Wallpack ensures that it operates exclusively from dusk to dawn. This automated feature not only eradicates the need for manual intervention but also guarantees a reliable and consistent lighting performance during crucial nighttime hours. From a security perspective, the Photocell becomes a strategic ally, actively contributing to the overall safety of your premises.

A well-lit property is a powerful deterrent to intruders. The integral Photocell ensures your property remains illuminated when it matters the most – during the night. This proactive approach minimises the likelihood of unauthorised access after hours, creating a safer and more secure environment. The tailored lighting provided by the Photocell aligns with the specific needs of your property, offering customisation that directly contributes to a robust security strategy.

Customisable Lighting Solutions

Recognising the diverse needs of businesses, the Easton Wallpack is designed with a selectable 3000K, 4000K, or 5500K colour temperature setting, offering a range of lighting options tailored to the unique requirements of your property.

The selectable colour temperature feature allows for greater customisation, empowering contractors to align with the specific lighting preferences of their clients. This flexibility not only enhances customer satisfaction but also highlights the contractor’s proficiency in delivering personalised lighting solutions.

Collaborating with businesses, contractors can select the colour temperature that harmonises with the property’s design, enhancing its appeal and creating a welcoming environment for clients and visitors.

The flexibility in Tri-Colour LED Wallpacks extends to various applications, providing adaptability to different settings. Whether illuminating a commercial building, a residential complex, or an industrial site, these options empower contractors to tailor the lighting to suit the specific ambience and functionality of each space.

The Easton LED Wallpacks come equipped with an Emergency option, adding an extra layer of functionality. Featuring a 3 Hour Emergency function, this option enhances safety and convenience. During power outages or emergencies, the Wallpack seamlessly transitions into emergency mode, ensuring reliable lighting for up to three hours.

Photocell Technology

The integral Photocell brings significant cost-saving benefits for businesses, making it an even more valuable investment.

Optimised Energy Consumption:

The Photocell sensor ensures the Easton Wallpack operates only when necessary – from dusk to dawn. By automatically activating the lights during low-light conditions, it eliminates the need for continuous operation during daylight hours. This optimisation significantly reduces energy consumption, leading to lower electricity bills for your business. With the Photocell sensor, you’re not just investing in security but also in an energy-efficient lighting solution.

Long-Term Maintenance Savings:

Traditional lighting systems often suffer from increased wear and tear due to continuous operation, leading to frequent replacements and higher maintenance costs. The integral Photocell in the Easton Wallpack mitigates this issue by minimising unnecessary usage. The lights are active only when needed, extending the lifespan of the LED fixtures. This, in turn, reduces the frequency of replacements, saving businesses substantial long-term maintenance costs.

Elimination of Manual Intervention:

Easton Wallpack with integral photocell sensorThe automated nature of the Photocell sensor eliminates the need for manual control of the lighting system. This not only streamlines operations but also saves on labour costs associated with regularly adjusting and monitoring lighting schedules. The Easton Wallpack’s Photocell ensures a hands-free and efficient lighting solution, allowing businesses to redirect human resources to more critical tasks.

By incorporating the Easton Wallpack with its integral Photocell, businesses not only enhance their security measures but also make a strategic investment in long-term cost savings. The sensor’s ability to optimise energy consumption, reduce maintenance expenses makes it a valuable asset for businesses looking to safeguard their premises in addition to reducing their energy consumption and overall costs.


Your Questions Answered

What is an LED wallpack?

A wall pack is a type of outdoor lighting fixture that is typically mounted on the exterior walls of buildings. It is designed to provide illumination for areas such as building perimeters, walkways, entrances, and other outdoor spaces. Wallpacks are commonly used for security, safety, and general visibility purposes.

How high should a wallpack be mounted?

The optimal mounting height for a wall pack depends on its intended purpose and the specific lighting requirements of the area. Generally, wallpacks are mounted at a height ranging from 2.5 to 4.5 metres. Mounting height can affect the light distribution and coverage, so it’s essential to consider factors like the size of the area and the fixture’s beam angle.

What is the difference between a wallpack and a floodlight?

Wallpacks and floodlights serve different outdoor lighting purposes. Wallpacks are designed for wall-mounted applications, typically illuminating specific areas with a focused beam. Floodlights, on the other hand, are broader-beamed lights that cover larger areas with a more widespread distribution of light. Wallpacks are often used for accent lighting or security near entrances, while floodlights are used for general area lighting.

What are the different types of wallpacks?

There are various types of wallpacks designed for different applications, including traditional HID (High-Intensity Discharge) wallpacks, LED wallpacks, full-cutoff wallpacks (reduce light pollution), and semi-cutoff wallpacks (balance between light control and visibility). Additionally, some wallpacks come with built-in sensors for motion detection or dusk-to-dawn operation.

How do I choose a wallpack light?

When choosing a wall pack light, consider factors such as the purpose of the lighting, mounting height, desired brightness, colour temperature (warm or cool light), and energy efficiency. Additionally, think about any specific features you may need, like motion sensors or photocells for automatic operation.



By enhancing visibility, optimising energy efficiency, and incorporating automation features such as photocell technology and motion sensors, businesses can significantly fortify their security measures. As contractors and business owners, staying proactive in adapting to innovative solutions not only protects your property but also contributes to long-term cost savings.

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