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Efficiency Redefined: The Environmental Impact of LED WallPacks

Sustainability has become a necessity, not just a trend. We understand the need to adopt eco-friendly solutions that not only perform well, but also minimise environmental impact. That’s why we offer Easton LED Wallpacks, a solution that enhances security while also being environmentally conscious.

Easton LED Wallpacks: A Sustainable Solution

Easton LED Wallpacks are an excellent choice for those looking for outdoor lighting solutions that are both efficient and sustainable. These fixtures are equipped with advanced LED technology, which provides bright illumination while consuming significantly less energy than traditional lighting sources. This makes them an excellent choice for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint and minimise their impact on the environment.

Traditional lighting systems often suffer from increased wear and tear due to continuous operation, leading to frequent replacements and higher maintenance costs. The Easton LED Wallpack solves this problem by providing a cost-effective, energy-efficient, and long-lasting lighting solution that is designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

A significant advantage of the Easton LED Wallpack is its integral Photocell, which offers more than just energy efficiency and cost savings—it also enhances a business’ security measures. By activating the light only when needed, the Photocell minimises unnecessary usage, ensuring that the area is well-lit during crucial times without wasting energy during daylight hours or when the area is unoccupied.NET LEDs Easton LED Wallpack Beam angle

This targeted illumination not only saves businesses on energy costs but also provides added security by deterring potential intruders or vandals who may be discouraged by a well-lit environment. Additionally, consistent lighting can help surveillance cameras capture clearer footage, further enhancing security measures.

The integration of a Photocell in the Easton LED Wallpack contributes to improved security and peace of mind for businesses, while also reducing their environmental impact and long-term maintenance costs.

Reduced Energy Consumption, Enhanced Performance

Easton LED Wallpacks have a significant advantage over traditional lighting sources. They consume up to 80% less energy, resulting in considerable cost savings for businesses. Additionally, they provide superior performance and a longer lifespan, which reduces maintenance requirements and associated costs.

The inclusion of a Tridonic driver and breather valve in the Easton LED Wallpack further enhances its reliability and longevity. The Tridonic driver ensures consistent performance and reliability, while the breather valve allows heat to escape from inside the fitting and prevents condensation buildup, ensuring optimal functionality over an extended lifespan.

NET LEDs Easton LED Wallpack Photocell and breather valve The integral Photocell provides significant cost-saving benefits for businesses, making it an even more valuable investment. The Photocell sensor ensures that the Easton Wallpack operates only when necessary – from dusk to dawn.

By automatically activating the lights during low-light conditions, eliminating the need for continuous operation during daylight hours. This optimisation significantly reduces energy consumption, leading to lower electricity bills for your business. With the Photocell sensor, you are not only investing in security but also in an energy-efficient lighting solution.

Environmental Benefits of Easton LED Wallpacks

Easton LED Wallpacks are a great option for businesses looking to contribute to a greener environment in multiple ways. These LED fixtures are designed to consume less energy, which not only helps to reduce carbon emissions but also mitigates the impact of climate change. By choosing Easton LED Wallpacks, businesses can showcase their commitment to environmental responsibility while also enjoying long-term cost savings.

In addition to their energy efficiency, Easton LED Wallpacks are also free of harmful substances such as mercury. This makes them safer to dispose of when their lifespan ends, eliminating the environmental risks associated with traditional lighting sources. This aligns with sustainable waste management practices and further demonstrates the commitment of businesses towards environmental sustainability.

The Tri-Colour feature in the Easton LED Wallpack offers additional advantages beyond just lighting flexibility. By incorporating selectable 3000K, 4000K, or 5500K colour temperatures in one fitting, businesses and wholesalers can streamline their inventory management processes. With the ability to adjust the colour temperature based on specific needs or preferences, there’s no longer a need to stock multiple types of fittings for different applications.NET LEDs Easton LED Wallpack Tri-colour temperatures

From an environmental perspective, the Tri-Colour feature can contribute to sustainability efforts in several ways:

Reduced Material Consumption:

With the Tri-Colour feature, businesses can achieve versatile lighting solutions with fewer individual fittings. This means less manufacturing and material resources are required to produce and maintain a diverse range of lighting products, leading to reduced environmental impact from the extraction and processing of raw materials.

Extended Product Lifespan:

The versatility offered by Tri-Colour fittings may result in longer product lifespans as they can adapt to changing lighting needs over time. With fewer fittings required to achieve various lighting effects, there may be less turnover of lighting products, reducing waste and promoting a more circular economy.

While the environmental benefits of the Tri-Colour feature may seem subtle, they can contribute to overall sustainability goals by promoting resource efficiency, energy conservation, and waste reduction in the lighting industry.

Enhancing Security and Minimising Environmental Footprint

The Easton LED Wallpacks offer improved security while also reducing their impact on the environment. Equipped with advanced features like photocells and emergency kits, these wallpacks ensure optimal lighting only when necessary, thus minimising energy waste. This intelligent lighting solution allows businesses to maintain a safe and secure environment while also reducing their carbon footprint.

NET LEDs Easton LED Wallpack Emergency kit light The 3H Emergency option for the Easton LED Wallpacks serves as a critical safety feature designed to provide illumination during power failures or emergencies. In the event of a power outage, this fitting automatically activates, ensuring that employees and occupants are not left in the dark.

By promptly illuminating the surroundings, the 3H Emergency option enables individuals to navigate safely to exits or designated assembly points, reducing the risk of accidents or confusion during critical situations.

This feature enhances safety within commercial and industrial premises by mitigating potential hazards associated with power disruptions. Instead of fumbling around in darkness, employees and occupants can confidently move through the space, minimising the likelihood of injuries or accidents.

The immediate activation of emergency lighting facilitates orderly evacuation procedures, ensuring that individuals can exit the building swiftly and without obstacles, therefore enhancing overall safety protocols.

The 3H Emergency option provides peace of mind to both employees and employers by demonstrating a commitment to workplace safety and preparedness. By proactively addressing the need for emergency lighting, businesses can create a safer environment for their workforce and visitors, fostering a culture of safety and resilience. Additionally, compliance with safety regulations and standards is facilitated, further reinforcing the organisation’s reputation as a responsible and conscientious establishment.


In Summary

The Easton LED Wallpacks represent a sustainable lighting solution that goes beyond mere illumination. By integrating features like the Photocell, Tri-Colour options, and 3H Emergency capability, these fixtures prioritise both security enhancement and environmental conservation.



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