LED Wall Packs in a warehouse shutter application amenity lighting

Wall Packs added to NET LED’s range of Tri-Colour LED Luminaires

Product News

Tri-Colour Wall Pack

Increase customer choice with NET LED’s range of Tri-Colour luminaires. 

Ranges of LED Battens, Downlights, 2D IP54 Bulkheads, Panels and now our new Tri-Colour Wall Packs can be switched to 3000K, 4000K or 5500K. Only one model needs to be stocked, with all colour temperatures available for the contractor or end-user to choose from at the time of installation.

The LED Tri-Colour Wall Pack is an energy saving solution designed for use in commercial, industrial and other outdoor applications.

The LED Tri-Colour Wall Pack is IP65 rated and perfect for use in car parks and loading bays, outside warehouses and factories, walkways and stairwells, and in general amenity and security areas.

The LED Tri-Colour Wall Pack has been upgraded to feature an integral photocell light sensor. This automatically activates the unit at night, ensuring it is operational from dusk to dawn. In addition, this product has three-hour emergency lighting built in, so will be illuminated in the event of a mains failure or other emergency such as a fire, providing visibility for a safe and efficient evacuation process.

The product has a useful life expectancy of more than 50,000 hours, and is covered by a 5 Year Extended Warranty.

LED Tri-Colour Wall Packs are supplied with a Philips LED driver as standard, and are manufactured by Toppo Lighting Co. Ltd.

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