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What are the Commercial Building Regulations for LED Luminaires?

Are you being asked to supply lighting that complies with Building Regulations?

Building Regulations apply to new buildings, extensions to existing buildings and changes of use which may affect the compliance of the building. They require that, where the Luminaire forms part of the internal ceiling lining, it must restrict the spread of fire over their surfaces.


Look for LED Luminaires with flammability-rated diffusers.

A flammability-rated diffuser on a LED Luminaire can make all the difference. A diffuser with no flammability rating can melt in the event of a fire, causing combustion on surfaces and risking the safety of the occupants in a building.

If you are required to supply lighting that complies with Building Regulation BS 5266, LED products with TP(a) and TP(b) flammability-rated diffusers can be installed with confidence.

TP(a) flammability-rated diffusers.

LED Luminaires with TP(a) rated diffusers, have a slower burn time as the diffuser material self-extinguishes; any flame or afterglow lasts five seconds or less once the flame is removed. There is no restriction for Luminaires with TP(a) rated diffusers, so they can be installed in areas that require minimal spacing between each Panel – such as fire exit routes.


TP(b) flammability-rated diffusers.

Luminaires with TP(b) rated diffusers can be used in open areas as, if the diffuser material combusts, the spread of the flame will be no more than 50mm per minute. When installed, there are limitations on total area coverage and spacing between the Luminaires.


Ensure compliance with NET LED’s range of LED Lighting Solutions.

Our TP(a) and TP(b) rated diffusers which are available in a range of Panels and Downlights have been independently tested by the LIA, ensuring compliance and peace of mind. Additionally, our team of lighting designers have been trained by the LIA to offer you comprehensive lighting designs and advice for your lighting project.

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