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Ten Things to Consider when Buying LED Lighting Post COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 has changed the way we do business. Social distancing has reduced the opportunity for face-to-face interactions across many sectors, pushing more industries towards digital spaces. The lighting industry is no exception.

So what do you, a buyer of LED lighting, need to take into account when purchasing LED online? Here are ten things to consider.


1) Do the products come from a reliable manufacturer?

The fast growth in demand for LED has attracted countless new manufacturers to enter the market, many of whom have a lack of experience in producing LED lighting and are without the proper certification. We strongly recommend dealing with recognised, quality, lighting manufacturers who have been in the market for several years.

2) Are you dealing directly with the manufacturer or an appointed agent in the UK?

Beware of the many unauthorised resellers operating online who could be shifting end of lines or old stock. While an unauthorised reseller might be able to offer a “fantastic deal”, you need to consider the reliability of the source, and services available when it comes to requiring more of the same products or dealing with returns, replacements and warranty claims.


3) Can you order without hassle online with extra discounts for box and bulk purchases?

Reputable suppliers will have professional, transparent and easy-to-use websites with trade account and credit card ordering options. As expected, additional discounts should be for higher quantity orders (box and bulk) with VAT invoices should be sent to you as standard.


4) Do you know where you are ordering from and is stock available in the UK? 

Nowadays, products ordered online will come from anywhere across the world. Many LED luminaires come from the Far East for delivery in the UK, which can lead to significant delays in delivery, as well as Customs and tariff issues. Ordering goods through a site that confirms UK stock availability at time of order allows for next day delivery. Corrections and changes that may be necessary on orders to be made quickly and easily without extra costs.

5) Is the lighting being delivered by a reliable courier?

The quality, speed and reliability of couriers varies enormously. Make sure the supplier is using a reputable courier service to ensure your LED lighting arrives undamaged and on time!


6) Are you buying a genuine quality product?

Low cost LED lighting has flooded the UK market, designed to undercut the professional suppliers for whom safety, performance and brand reputation are essential. The UK’s Lighting Industry Association (LIA), and other more general regulatory bodies are tackling this issue. Still, its occurrence is widespread, so we recommend sticking to reputable known brands from genuine sources.


7) Are you able to get friendly, helpful advice, guidance and technical support when you need it?

With a wide range of LED lighting options available with you trade with us, having someone who genuinely understands their products at the end of a phone means you’ll make the right choices!

8) Is all product information readily available online?

It is advised not to forget about supporting data and documentation that assists with installations, including instructions, specification sheets and IES data files for lighting designs. Reputable online suppliers will have this information on-hand and make it readily available on their platforms, saving you time and hassle trying to get hold of it later.


9) Is it easy to return or exchange products you have bought online?

Over ordering or purchasing the wrong product happens to everyone! Whether it’s a late-night Amazon order or LED lighting for your contractors, make sure that if you have made a mistake, the supplier’s staff can fix things for you without any hassle and unnecessary costs.


10) Do the products come with a genuine manufacturer’s warranty in the UK?

If a product fails under warranty, make sure there is an address in the UK that will deal with the repair or replacement for you. You don’t want to be having to return products to the Far East, trust us!


UK-based LED lighting suppliers, including us, understand that these questions are as relevant today as they were before the COVID-19 Pandemic. With more business’ going online, it is even more important to purchase through a reputable supply chain from quality brand suppliers, so you make the perfect choice for your contractors.

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