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SMART Lighting Evolved! Meet Our Latest And Greatest Motion Sensor

A New Generation Of Light Control.

The multi-functional Merrytek Sensor can detect the slightest movements, from turning the head to typing on a keyboard. So, you no longer have to worry about a sudden switch off!

Its built-in Daylight Harvesting feature also adjusts the light according to the daylight in the room, ensuring a perfectly balanced workspace throughout the day.

Daylight Harvesting 

Daylight Harvesting technology reduces energy costs by factoring in the natural light to change the amount of artificial light produced by the luminaire. This Merrytek sensor automatically dims lights or switches them off entirely during the day to ensure a balanced workspace at all times. Fittings that use daylight harvesting are particularly perfect for offices, keeping the same amount of light on your desk at all times.


Motion Sensing

It detects even the slightest body movements, so you don’t have to worry about a sudden shut off! If an area is left unoccupied, you don’t have to leave it in pitch-black darkness – with 10% and 30% standby modes, you can have the quiet areas on your office in energy-saving mode, but not the dark!


How Does It Do It?

DALI dimming uses a digital signal that connects a group of fittings to any DALI Dimming Driver or luminaire so users can control them accurately.

You can precisely control large numbers of luminaires over large areas. Linking sensors together grants complete control over large spaces, allowing for motion activation at up to 12 locations(sensors), allowing control of up to 300 luminaires (that’s 25 fittings per sensor).


Seemless Control Made Easy

Commissioning sensors can be costly and time-consuming, but not with this one. Simply control the entire group through a single remote control – no fancy apps, pcs, or expensive ‘commissioning experts’ needed. NET LED supply this remote in addition to the sensor.


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