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NET LED’s New Partnerships and Catalogue

NET LED is pleased to announce its new partnerships with Cree, Lux box and Lynxus, who have all selected NET LED as their distribution partner for the UK electrical wholesale market.

As NET LED adds more innovative brands to its product range, electrical wholesalers and their customers will benefit from a growing choice of high quality LED lighting products.

With over 20 years as market leaders and innovators, US-based Cree is widely recognised as manufacturing the highest performance LEDs in the industry. Cree Europe manufactures luminaires in Italy specifically designed for the European market, integrating its quality US chip technology into its luminaires.

High CRI interior luminaires and robust, heavy duty outdoor lighting is now available through NET LED as made-to-order specification products.

Available with 5 to 10 year warranties, customers can be confident in the quality and longevity of Cree products supplied by NET LED.

NET LED is now supplying LED 3 Hour Emergency Kits from Lux box, designed to be compatible with NET LED’s range of LED T5/T8 Tubes, Panels, Downlights and NCF Luminaires.

In the event of a mains failure, the Emergency Kits will ensure that luminaires are still illuminated for a minimum of 3 hours, ensuring the safety of the occupants in a building.

Using Lux box Emergency Kits, electrical wholesalers can help their customers to reduce energy and maintenance costs, while ensuring they remain compliant with safety regulations.


NET LED has introduced Lynxus Wireless Controls to its range of LED lighting controls. Lynxus wireless controls manage and automate light levels in a room, warehouse or entire building.

Motion and daylight sensors can be incorporated, along with a wireless switch with on/off and dimming options. Lighting levels can also be controlled on a tablet, for example through dimming and scheduling, ensuring that luminaires are only activated when necessary.

A lighting system using Lynxus wireless controls offers a simple and flexible way to achieve energy savings, without compromising user comfort or safety.

In addition, wireless lighting control systems reduce the costs and complexity of conventional wired systems by eliminating the need for dedicated control wiring and minimising installation costs.

New catalogue

Having worked closely with new and existing partners to ensure continued product development and innovation, NET LED is pleased to announce the launch of its latest catalogue.

Along with new brands Cree, Lux box and Lynxus, the catalogue includes updates to NET LED’s existing commercial and industrial lighting ranges, offering the latest in LED technology and better value to customers.

View the new catalogue.

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