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Lighting Terminology – Simplified!

LED lighting technology is always growing and changing, so learning the lingo can prove challenging. Here is an easy guide for Wholesalers, so they know how to help their contractors when supplying LED lighting.


Colour temperature – The colour that an LED gives off when switched on, either offered in either 3000K (Warm Light), 4000K (Cool Light), or 5000K (Daylight). Think of hot metal in a forge that glows red, then orange, and then white as the temperatures increases.

Lumen (lm) – A measurement of how bright the fitting is. The higher the lumens, the brighter the LED. Products with a high lumen per watt (lm/w) are more cost-efficient for end users. Typically, if a light has a higher colour temperature, than the lumens will be higher.


Lux (lx) – Another measurement of light, but lux measures the amount of light on a surface. Using Relux, our team can produce a lighting guide to calculate the amount of light expected on a surface during the following installation; customers can then ensure this will meet their requirements for their work.

UGR – Unified Glare Rating, the higher the number, the more glare! Although many manufactures advertise their fittings with a UGR Rating, glare ratings can only be calculated on a complete installation. This is verified through a lighting guide, typically an environment with plenty of screens should have a UGR of less than 19.


TP(a) Flammability Rating – If a luminaire forms part of the ceiling, it needs to be safe during a fire. A TP(a) rating means the material of the luminaire can withstand heat and fire without dropping flaming particles – perfect for exit routes.


IP65 Rating – Protected against water jets and dust – recommended for splash zones and outdoor locations. IP65 fittings can cope with rain or even a hosepipe!

Dual Wattage – Choose between different power settings on your luminaire – ideal if you’re not sure whether to use a single or a twin. Set these up on installation by flicking the dip switches on the driver.


IK10 Rating – Highly resistant to impacts, like a swing from a hammer or a cricket bat! Typically installed in sports halls or outdoor applications. (Note: We do not recommend hitting any of our products with hammers or a cricket bat.)

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