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LED Panel Buying Guide

Low cost LED lighting has flooded the UK market, designed to undercut the professional suppliers for whom safety, performance and brand reputation are essential. You want to know you can buy in confidence, so here are things customers should look out for when purchasing LED Panels.


Are you buying from trusted brands?

Sticking to reputable brands from genuine sources ensures peace of mind. Brands like Tridonic, Philips, and Osram manufacture excellent drivers that won’t need replacing during lifetime of the panel.


How long will your LEDs last?

LM80 data measures the lifespan of the LED, not the luminaire. However, LM80 data does provide end-users with an indication of the anticipated product life. Products with longer lifespan may be more expensive upfront but are a more cost-efficient product. Ideally, you want something that’ll last around 50,000 hours to minimise maintenance costs.


What is the fire rating of the diffuser?

A flammability-rated diffuser on a Luminaire can make all the difference. If you need to supply lighting that complies with Building Regulation BS 5266, you should install products with TP(a) and TP(b) flammability-rated diffusers. A TP(a) product has almost no restrictions on its usage.  


Are the Light Guide Plates (LGP) made from quality material?

Light Guide Plates (LGP), the piece of material that redirects the light in edge-lit LED Panels downwards are a core component to performance. Those made of shoddy materials can drastically affect a Panel’s appearance over time, creating an uneven light distribution, and a perceived change in colour temperature. Check your supplier is using a PMMA high-grade plastic that is less affected by heat and UV light, resulting in less yellowing over a more considerable period – highly recommended.


Are upgrades available?

Depending on the size of the job, a series of standard Panels might not be all you need. That’s why it’s essential to consider if your supplier is offering additional upgrades. Emergency Kits with incorporated LiFePO4 batteries last longer than traditional technologies. Ensure you’re able to purchase dimming options, like DALI 1 & 2, DSI and switchDIM (Push), to give your customer choice. 


Does the supplier offer accessories that make your life easier?

Much like upgrades, not every Panel light is installed into a T-bar ceiling grid. A supplier you can trust means they provide all the accessories you need for a more complicated. From suspension rails to recess clips or surface mount boxes, the convenience of not needing to find these parts elsewhere saves you time and hassle.

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