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Embracing a Digital Environment

NET LED has embraced a more digital environment, still looking to provide you with high-quality LED lighting that’s backed by incredible services. As a team, our Business Development Managers have invited our Wholesalers across the UK to WhatsApp chats, Zoom meetings and the occasional FaceTime to respect their wishes of not visiting. Here’s what they’ve learned these last few months while we’ve shifted to the new normal.


Keep it Simple.

WhatsApp and FaceTime might not seem as professional as software like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, but they’re just as effective. Apps like these give chatting to Wholesalers that personal touch that’s somewhat lost when you use the phone. 


Headphones are your friend.

Our Sales Representatives aim to be clear, concise, and accurate when delivering information about our LED Lighting, and that you can’t do that when working with a poor-quality microphone. Even a budget set of headphones can go a long way!

High-grade internet is mandatory.

How many times have you chatted to someone over Zoom or Skype, and they sound like a robot? A stable internet connection will make things crystal clear for both you and your customer. Have a lousy internet? No problem, plug in an ethernet cable or sit close to your router.


Turn Energy Saver Off.

The final thing that can affect your online audio quality is power. If you’re a laptop or phone that’s about to die or just not plugged-in, Energy Saver mode can kick in and make you sound robotic. 

Enjoy it!

Putting a face to a name is a win-win experience – it may not be the same as face to face, but it’s still a great way to do business while keeping everyone safe. 


Want to set up a video call or a product demo? Contact us now on 01223 851505 or email at sales@netled.co.uk.


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