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No order is too small!

We’ll take care of all your requirements, from large stock orders to those smaller, last-minute, back-to-back orders that get you out of a sticky situation!

We do all the work

Save time and hassle with pre-installed Sensors, Emergency Kits and Connectors.

Need it in a hurry?

Get what you need for Next Day Delivery when you order before 6 p.m.

Online Ordering made easy

UK Wholesalers can take the hassle out of those last-minute orders by using

Proud to be Made in Britain

For years we’ve manufactured all our Bulkheads in-house at Cambridge UK, giving us complete quality control on our products while ensuring high stock levels.

Deciding On New Lighting For Electrical Wholesalers

With over 12 years of experience, NET LED supply hassle-free lighting to Electrical Wholesalers across the UK. When deciding which products to sell, the team’s collaboration and commitment to quality lighting ensure they make the right choice, giving you confidence in our product selection when you trade with us.


How do we choose the best lighting for you?

The customer is always right! If our sales team gets regular inquiries for products we don’t provide, we hunt for a solution that meets your needs. Once we’ve found a product, it’s evaluated technically for specification and performance to ensure it meets our quality expectations.

How you go about searching for new products?

Through 12 years of business, we have built relationships with hundreds of suppliers around the world. We often purchase products destined for other markets such as America, Japan, and Europe and then work with suppliers to tweak the performance and installation process for UK wholesalers and electricians. For example, incorporating Tridonic Drivers for their reliability and ease of installation.


How long does this process take? 

With existing suppliers, we can move exceptionally fast. We have already assessed their processes for quality and can select lighting and bring them to market in weeks. This takes longer with new suppliers as we must assess them, but we still move fast and pride ourselves on bringing innovative ideas to market, such as rotating endcaps, low glare High Bays, and LiFePO4 emergency ranges.

Has Covid-19 had an impact on this process?

As with all industries, Covid-19 has had a massive impact on business. Though technology helps facilitate meetings with Zoom and Microsoft teams, engineering products can prove challenging. With all engineering, it’s easier to physically show manufacturers how product designs need to change than explain over a video call, especially when a language barrier is involved.


With us, what you see is what you get – innovative, industry-leading LED products supported by services that help you sell more and get the job done. Stock is always available with next-day delivery when you order before 6 p.m. NET LED is the hassle-free solution to an Electrical Wholesaler’s everyday problems.

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