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Back-Lit vs Edge-Lit Panels: Which is Better?

Unlike poor quality fluorescent battens and tubes, the Kingston and Ashley Panels don’t strobe, glare or flicker. Their flexible output provides students and teachers with the correct lighting levels needed in the classroom. This helps improve focus and prevent headaches and tiredness.



Back-lit Panels like our Ashley Range don’t have a light guide plate, reducing manufacturing costs and preventing discolouration of the diffuser. What’s more, because the LEDs point directly down, it provides a more light output and higher lumen per watt ratios than edge-lit alternatives. This means you need fewer fittings to light up a room, saving you money and time on installations!


In terms of application, you’ll typically use back-lit panels in offices, corridors, schools, and hospitals. However, electricians must take the additional depth of the led panel into account in low ceiling applications, especially if the fitting has an emergency kit installed.


Though the light output is not as strong as back-lit alternatives, edge-lit Panels provide a smoother luminescence, resulting in more uniform light distribution. This is due to the PMMA light guide present in each edge-lit fitting; this material refracts lights from the horizontally mounted LEDs down into the room. The light guide plate must be made of the highest quality materials to prevent yellowing and ensure the continued performance of the fitting.

For applications, edge-lit panels have virtually the same usage as back-lit (offices, corridors, school, and hospitals) but with more versatility. Since you don’t need to worry about panel depth being only 13mm thick, and our Kingston Range have an IP40 rated front face, they can be fittings in areas where low ceilings or dust is present.


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