Our team, now yours

Dedicated teams contact our Wholesalers regularly to ensure they are making the perfect choice.

We do all the work

Save time and hassle with pre-installed Sensors, Emergency Kits and Connectors.

Need it in a hurry?

Get what you need for Next Day Delivery when you order before 5 p.m.

Fast, easy and free

UK Wholesalers can take the hassle out of those last-minute orders by using www.mynetled.co.uk

Social responsibility

We aim to exceed our wholesalers' expectations by helping them to help contractors and end-users.

Trained to help you every step of the way

Our highly experienced lighting designers are vital to our team and our customers, providing specialist representations of how state-of-the-art LED lighting installations will perform when placed into a building. They do so with the utmost accuracy.

We continually invest in our people. That’s why our lighting designers are trained by the Lighting Industry Association (LIA) to enhance their expertise of the design and application of interior and exterior LED lighting.

As a company, we are firm believers that the careful use and interplay of light and colour can help enhance the buildings in which we live and work. Our lighting designers have industry leading knowledge of LED lighting products that can improve productivity, support brand values, improve wellbeing and deliver safety and security.

Our lighting designers will explore all product options for you and your customers, as well as placement ideas and configuration types to ensure your customer’s project is perfectly lit.

All products distributed to us by our trusted manufacturers incorporate emergency lighting which, where needed, can be integrated into your customer’s lighting design.

Lean on the expertise of our lighting designers

As your trusted commercial LED lighting supplier, our lighting design department is also on-hand to answer any technical queries your customers may have. We’re proud to be an extension of your electrical wholesale business – choosing the right products and the right designs, at the right price for your customers.

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