Key Data

5 or 10 Years Limited
Part Number


Key Features:

  • High CRI
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Cree Colorfast DeltaGuard® paint technology
  • Choice of lenses for superior light control

NET LED is a UK distributor of the LED lighting range by Cree.

Cree is widely recognised as manufacturing the highest performance LEDs in the industry. The US-based company is also a market-leading innovator of quality interior and exterior LED luminaires, LED components and semiconductor solutions.

Cree has spent over 20 years developing an array of new technologies that far surpass traditional ones and exceed industry standards for brightness and efficiency. Cree
Europe manufactures luminaires in Italy specifically for the European market, integrating its quality US chip technology into its luminaires.

Cree lighting offers innovative, high quality, high CRI and efficacy, interior and exterior luminaires with 10 year warranties. A choice of Cree lenses allows superior light control with more lumens delivered in the target area.