LED Smart Lighting


The LG Electronics smart lighting range overcomes the costs and complexity of smart control by using wireless technology.  A wireless lighting control system eliminates the need for dedicated control wiring and allows controls to be placed wherever they are needed to improve building usage and performance.

Additional sensors, switches and lights require minimal labour and disruption and are simply added to the existing control system without the need to add new control infrastructure. The lighting is simply controlled using an app on a smart phone or tablet.

LG Electronics has adopted the open wireless protocol, ZigBee, allowing it to work seamlessly not only with devices that use the same protocol, but also to integrate with the control systems of other solution providers which are designed to work with ZigBee.

The LG LED lighting driver has a compact communication dongle which simply plugs into the driver, thereby making it wirelessly controllable.

The LG system manages and automates the light levels at set times or under set conditions and users can have control over their own lighting to provide optimal working conditions.

Scheduling allows lights to be turned on/off and dimmed at specified times. Occupancy sensors detect when a room is being used to automatically turn lights on or off accordingly. Daylight harvesting uses photo sensors to detect levels of natural light and automatically dims lights when they are not required, thereby providing consistent lighting levels as well as reducing energy usage.

Companies can use these controls for Demand Response, allowing them to reduce energy consumed by lighting to pre-set levels at times of peak usage or when energy prices are high.


Find out how LG LED Lighting Controls work:

Using LG Smart LED Lighting in an office environment from NET LED Lighting on YouTube. LG’s wireless smart lighting controls are used across multiple luminaires to enhance office spaces and reduce energy usage. These controls can be used with LG Panels, Downlights and Solaris High Bays, which are suitable for both office and retail applications.

Using LG Smart LED Lighting in warehouse/factory applications from NET LED Lighting on YouTube. LG’s wireless Motion/Step Dim Sensor is used with the LG Essentials High/Low Bay to ensure that a space is only illuminated at the detection of presence, making it an energy efficient solution for industrial applications.


LED Smart Lighting

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