LED IP65 2D Bulkheads


LED IP65 2D Bulkhead units

The LED IP65 2D Bulkhead range is designed for outdoor use in applications with dust, water or water vapour present.

LED IP65 2D Bulkheads need to be purchased in conjunction with LED Gear Trays for full functionality. They are available with Emergency and Microwave Motion Sensor options to ensure they suit a range of applications.

We can supply LED 2D Gear Trays with built-in 10% and 0% Microwave Motion Sensor options, providing automatic control of lighting. On the detection of presence, the unit powers-up to full brightness, before dimming back to 10% or 0% light output.

Sensitivity, operation time and ambient light detection are easily controllable by adjusting internal dip switches.

LED IP65 2D Bulkheads are manufactured by Toppo Lighting Co. Ltd.

LED IP65 2D Bulkheads