LED Emergency Lights

LED Emergency Lights in corridor staircase exit. Specific Location Open Area Escape Route. NET LED Lighting UK

Emergency lighting is a requirement for every commercial lighting installation.

Liteplan LED emergency solutions are designed to guide visitors and customers to the nearest emergency exits, and highlight potential hazards on route.

The dedicated LED Emergency Lights provide support in three area types, including:

Specific Locations – where particular locations and hazards need emergency illumination (spot).

Escape Routes – focused light distribution to ensure optimum emergency lighting to illuminate escape routes (narrow).

Open Areas – for areas in which no escape routes are defined (wide).

LED Emergency Lights are manufactured in the UK by Liteplan.

LED Emergency Lens specialist lens

Specially designed lenses control the distribution of light to maximise effective illumination for specific area types.

LED Emergency Light non-maintained

Non-maintained units that are discreet until needed in an emergency situation

Green LED Emergency Lighting

Maintained green LED behind the lens indicates the operation status of the unit.

LED Emergency Lights Instant ON

Instant ON at full brightness to ensure the specified area is fully illuminated and evacuation can begin quickly and safely.

LED Emergency Lights Liteplan

Battery supply is designed to fit through lamp cut-out, so no rear access is required.

LED Emergency Lights