LED 2D Bulkheads

LED 2D Bulkheads commercial application

LED 2D Bulkheads are comprised of 16W, 4500K colour temperature Gear Trays housed in durable IP54 casings.

Duxford LED IP54 2D Bulkheads can be purchased as a complete bulkhead incorporating both Gear Tray and IP54 casing, or Gear Tray only for retrofit projects. They are available with Emergency and Microwave Motion Sensor options to ensure they suit a range of applications.

Perfect for stairwells, corridors and external amenity lighting.

LED IP54 2D Bulkheads and Gear Trays are manufactured by Toppo Lighting Co. Ltd.

*Batteries excluded.

LED 2D Bulkheads are available in two ranges. These distinct products offer different specifications, physical attributes and levels of technical sophistication:

Tri-Colour IP54 rated Bulkheads and Gear Trays.

Single Colour IP54 Bulkheads.

LED 2D Bulkheads & Gear Trays