The project

Jelson HomesJelson Homes is a property developer with a portfolio spanning the East Midlands. Jelson Homes prides itself on the quality of its construction work and customer care. It consistently ranks in the top 5 of NHBC customer surveys.
The company’s Leicester head office was lit by fluorescent tube fittings that often proved inefficient. Fittings required routine replacement, resulting in costly maintenance work. Coupled with the high energy cost of running the tubes, the company decided to switch to LED fittings in 2016.

The Solution

Jelson Homes appointed East Gostcote Electrics to undertake the installation work. NET LED Lighting was selected as the lighting distributor for the project, based on the strength of its products and services. East Gostcote Electrical sourced NET LED products from its preferred electrical wholesaler.

NET LED’s Technical Support team produced a lighting guide to determine the appropriate number of fittings needed to achieve the desired light output for each room. The guide established that, due to the increased efficiency of the LED fittings, fewer units were needed to achieve the same light levels.

The company was looking for a reduction in its energy outgoings and a measurable return on investment after switching to LED fittings. Based on the available information, NET LED produced a cost savings calculation to establish potential savings over the product’s lifespan (50,000 working hours). This calculation factored in the cost per kilowatt hour, labour costs and reduced number of fittings required to achieve the outcome.

Due to the nature of the work undertaken at Jelson Homes, the company was also keen to reduce glare on screens and surfaces. For this reason, the UGR<19 LED Panel Lights distributed by NET LED were selected.

UGR<19 LED Panel Lights are supplied with a Philips driver as standard. Featuring bi-colour technology, colour temperature is selectable via a simple switch. This increases versatility, allowing Jelson Homes to change the colour temperature of a space without needing to replace Panels.

The product is available with DALI and 1-10V dimming options, a 3 Hour Emergency Kit option, and is covered by a 5 Year Extended Warranty.

The Result

Staff and customers immediately noted an increase in both the levels and quality of light in the Jelson Homes offices. Based on the cost savings calculation, the company expects to see considerable savings on their energy and maintenance costs.

Commenting on the installation, Alex Bailey, Contracts Manager of East Gostcote Electrics, said:

“The LED Panel Lights distributed by NET LED were easy to install and gave the end-user the option of changing the colour temperature without the need to replace the Panel.”

East Gostcote Electrics and Jelson Homes have since appointed NET LED as the lighting distributor for the next phase of installations.

The LED Panel Lights distributed by NET LED were easy to install and gave the end-user the option of changing the colour temperature without the need to replace the Panel.

- Alex Bailey - Contracts Manager, East Gostcote Electrics

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