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The project

Intelligent FingerprintingIntelligent Fingerprinting is a high technology company operating out of purpose-built facilities in Cambridgeshire. The company offers a revolutionary approach to drug screening that’s non-invasive, fast and cost-effective. Their portable drug testing device analyses fingerprint sweat to screen for multiple drugs of abuse in fewer than 10 minutes.

Established in 2007, the company decided to move into its new facility in 2015 to accommodate increased development and manufacturing capacity.

The company describes its facilities as a ‘hybrid’ unit: a combination of laboratories, manufacturing areas, goods in/out and office space – as well as the usual amenities.

Intelligent Fingerprinting wanted to ensure staff are able to work comfortably and efficiently under the lighting they selected for their spaces. The company specified low Unified Glare Rating (UGR) to reduce reflection on surfaces and screen, and no flicker as important factors in achieving this.

Ambient temperature control is important in precision manufacturing areas. The company goes to lengths to ensure this temperature remains consistent, so low heat-emitting lighting solutions were important to keep costs low.

The Solution

Intelligent Fingerprinting approached NET LED Lighting based on the strength of its core product range. Members of the company worked closely with NET LED’s technical team, who produced lighting guides to ensure requirements were met.

Toppo LED Panel Lights were selected for use in the company’s offices, laboratories and manufacturing areas. Optimum light levels in the visually-demanding production, printing & assembly  and research  laboratory areas was essential, so lighting guides were used to determine the ideal number of Panels required with appropriate spacing.

Weather-proof Leyond High Power Flood Lights and Toppo IP65 rated 2D Bulkheads were selected for the loading bay and parking areas.

The Result

Intelligent Fingerprinting now operates entirely under LED lighting.

Noting the even distribution of light emitted by LED Panel Lights, Intelligent Fingerprinting saw immediate advantages from a comfort and productivity perspective. The low UGR, flicker-free output of the Panels, was met with compliments from the staff.

“The quality of light is, quite literally, brilliant,” said Dr. Jerry Walker, Chief Executive Officer at Intelligent Fingerprinting.

“NET LED was attentive to our requirements and provided great lighting solutions that were appropriate for every room in our complex facility.”

The quality of life is, quite literally, brilliant.

- Dr. Jerry Walker - Chief Executive Officer, Intelligent Fingerprinting

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