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As a distributor of LG Smart Lighting through electrical wholesalers, NET LED Lighting is working with LG to promote their latest offer: Project 200, ideal for small and medium lighting projects.

LG is offering a free of charge bundle of wireless smart lighting controls that will help users achieve maximum energy savings in office and industrial applications. Simply purchase 25x LG LED Solaris High Bays or 25x LG UGR<19 LED Panel Lights and receive a ZigBee® Multi-Sensor with up to 24 communication modules.

Our LG smart lighting range offers a simple, user-friendly way of reducing energy usage through wireless smart lighting controls. These controls respond to environmental factors such as motion and daylight levels to provide the correct light output. Smart lighting controls offer a low cost, simple and flexible solution by removing the installation costs of traditional wired lighting control systems.



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Wireless Lighting Controls Bundle

smart lighting controls
ZigBee® Multi-Sensor


smart lighting controls

Up to 24 Communication Modules



The ZigBee® Multi-Sensor, which is perfect for both commercial and industrial applications, incorporates two intelligent control options: PIR motion sensors and daylight harvesting.

Motion PIR-Motion-Sensor-logosensors detect when a room is being used to turn lights on or off automatically. Daylight haPhotocell-logorvesting uses photosensors to detect levels of natural light and automatically dims lights when they are not  required, providing consistent lighting levels and reducing energy usage. These control options can be used  together or separately, and can be switched off and on as requirements change.


Only one Multi-Sensor is needed for a group of luminaires. Used with communication modules, the master luminaire can communicate with other luminaires, so that they mirror the settings of the master luminaire. Modifying luminaire behaviour is simple via a user-friendly app or smart scheduling switch.

Used with LG luminaires, these controls will provide a simple installation process and increased energy savings. In addition, there is the convenience and comfort provided to the user; the correct amount of light can be delivered where you want it, when you want it, resulting in enhanced productivity and well-being.

NET LED Lighting will offer full support and will process your order through LG. To learn more or to place an order, please contact or call 01223 851505.*



*When contacting us about Project 200, please include the following details:                                  contact-us-5

  • The lighting application and your choice of product (Solaris High Bays or UGR<19 LED Panels).
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