LED Smart Lighting


Smart lighting offers a simple, user-friendly way of reducing energy usage through wireless lighting controls. These controls respond to environmental factors such as motion and daylight levels to provide the correct light output. Smart lighting controls offer a low cost, simple and flexible solution by removing the installation costs of traditional wired lighting control systems. 

The LG Electronics latest range of LED smart lighting uses wireless lighting control technology. Combining high functionality with straightforward design, LG Electronics’ range of commercial LED lighting makes energy savings simple through the use of clever control options.

LG Electronics has adopted the open wireless protocol ‘ZigBee®’. This wireless system allows controls to be placed wherever they are needed to improve usage and performance. The resulting network is secure, reliable and robust, letting you introduce smart controls with confidence.

Control options available through the ZigBee® protocol include PIR motion sensors, daylight harvesting and time scheduling.

Motion sensors detect when a room is being used to automatically turn lights on or off accordingly. Daylight harvesting uses photosensors to detect levels of natural light and automatically dims lights when they are not required, providing consistent lighting levels and reducing energy usage.

Smart scheduling controls allow lights to be turned on and off and dimmed at specific times during the day.

ZigBee® wireless allows for the designation of a master luminaire that communicates with multiple other luminaires, so that they mirror the settings of the master luminaire. Modifying luminaire behaviour is simple via communication dongles and a user-friendly app.

In addition to the energy savings achievable through smart lighting control, there is also the convenience and comfort provided to the user; the correct amount of light can be delivered where you want it, when you want it, resulting in enhanced productivity and wellbeing.


Find out how LG LED Lighting Controls work:

Using LG Smart LED Lighting in an office environment from NET LED Lighting on YouTube. LG’s wireless smart lighting controls are used across multiple luminaires to enhance office spaces and reduce energy usage. These controls can be used with LG Panels, Downlights and Solaris High Bays, which are suitable for both office and retail applications.

Using LG Smart LED Lighting in warehouse/factory applications from NET LED Lighting on YouTube. LG’s wireless Motion/Step Dim Sensor is used with the LG Essentials High/Low Bay to ensure that a space is only illuminated at the detection of presence, making it an energy efficient solution for industrial applications.


LED Smart Lighting