LED Lamps


LED Lamps in Hospitality Hotel Reception Showroom application Candle GLS Golf NET LED Lighting

LED Lamps are the most energy efficient option for standard base luminaires, cutting energy costs by up to 70% when compared to incandescent equivalents. Each lamp has a useful life expectancy of more than 25,000 hours, dramatically reducing the need to replace them.

Our Lamps have been designed to suit most standard UK bases. Light is diffused through frosted shatter-proof polycarbonate with a wide beam angle to illuminate a large area.

These Lamps are perfect for use in retail and hospitality environments, including hotels and restaurants, waiting rooms, and receptions.

A range of bases to suit most standard luminaires, including desk lamps and ceiling fixture, are available.

Our LED Lamps have a wide beam angle, meaning they provide a good distribution of light even when diffused through a shade.

Our LED Lamps offer a high light output designed for use in commercial applications.

LED Lamps can reduce energy costs by up to 70% when incorporated into an energy plan. This is great for the environment.

LED Lamps