Pre-Wired Luminaires

Pre-Wired Luminaires in Factory Manufacturing Application Battens Non Corrosive NCF
NET LED supplies a range of Luminaires pre-wired for use with our T5 and T8 LED Tubes, making them a convenient plug-and-play solution.

We offer Pre-Wired Batten products to suit different applications. Battens are compatible with our T5 and T8 LED Tubes and can be supplied with or without diffusers. They are well-suited for use in offices, corridors, receptions, schools and hospitals.

LED-ready non-corrosive fittings are manufactured from robust polycarbonate and are certified to IP65. They are weather and dust-proof, and are safe for use in humid and outdoor environments. The retaining clips can be replaced by stainless steel alternatives (sold separately) that make the unit safe for use in places where food is prepared and stored.

Pre-Wired Luminaires are compatible with LED T5 and T8 Tubes from the LED PRIME and BASICS Ranges.

Pre-Wired Luminaires are part of the LED BASICS Range and are manufactured in the UK by Fitzgerald.

Luminaires Pre-Wired for LED