LED Lighting Controls


In response to the demand for intelligent LED lighting control for project-style lighting design, we supply DALI and 1-10V dimming drivers specially calibrated for NET LED products.

The LCM DA models have a built-in DALI interface, offering digitally addressable control of our LED products.
LCM 1-10Vs are developed with multi-stage output current LED power supply and constant current output. The output current level can be selected by adjusting the built-in dip switch, allowing for greater control flexibility.

All products comply with UL8740, ENEC EN61347-2-13, and EN62384. LCM DAs also comply with IEC62386-101, 102 and 207 norms, per DALI lighting control systems.

Mean Well DALI LED Driver for LED Panel Lights and Downlights LCM40DA

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is a data protocol and transport mechanism that facilitates dimming control and network connectivity for changing light levels in an environment.

Mean Well 1-10V Dimming Driver for LED Panel Lights and Downlights LCM40

1-10V enables analogue stepless dimming for our LED Panel Lights. This is a straightforward option for flexible control of light levels from 100% light output down to 10% with a linear progression.

Zano Controls dimmer switch lighting control

Flexible control for 1-10V dimming through a dedicated dimmer switch. This switch is provided with a number of popular face plates for compatibility.

LED Panel Light dimmable

DALI and 1-10V dimming drivers are suitable for use with all colour temperature variations of 22W, 32W, 40W and 60W LED Panel Lights, and 36W LED Grid Luminaires.

LED Downlight 22W Dimmable DALI 1-10V

DALI and 1-10V dimming drivers are suitable for use with our 22W LED Downlights.

LED Lighting Controls