LED Batten Luminaires

The LED Batten Luminaire is a complete solution designed to replace fluorescent tubes and batten fittings. It offers performance, reliability and energy savings of up to 65%.

Incorporating sleek design and no-fuss installation, the unit eliminates the need to replace tubes, simplifying processes and reducing maintenance costs.

Light is diffused evenly through a shatterproof polycarbonate cover. Advanced LED technology renders the unit completely maintenance-free and capable of delivering more than 50,000 hours of quality light.

Suitable for ceiling or wall mounting via rear or side entry and available with 3 Hour Emergency Kit support.

The LED Batten Luminaire is designed for use in a wide range of applications, including offices and meeting rooms; corridors and stairwells; hotels and supermarkets; hospitals and schools.

LED Batten Luminaires are supplied with Philips drivers as standard.

LED Batten Luminaires are manufactured in China by Toppo Lighting Co. Ltd.

LED Panel Lights with Philips Driver Commercial UK

Driver is securely mounted inside the LED Batten Luminaire acting as a heat sink that allows for greater airflow, prolonging the driver’s life.

LED Batten Luminaire with detachable gear tray for easy installation in commercial applications UK

Detachable LED Gear Tray makes installation easy into ceiling applications. Access to the inside of the unit is simple thanks to slide-to-open mechanism.

LED SMD 2835 Chips commercial lighting UK

The SMD 2835 LED chip is an advanced chip technology with superior heat sinking which delivers more effective thermal heat dissipation, extending the life of the chips.

Locking connector for LED Batten Luminaire. Easy installation in UK commercial lighting applications.

Specially designed interlocking power cord ensures connector does not come dislodged during installation.

LED NCF and Batten Luminaire with 3 Hour Emergency Kit support. For use in commercial applications lighting UK.

Specially calibrated 3 Hour Emergency Kits are available to support LED Batten Luminaires. The emergency kit is mounted inside the housing.

3 Hour Emergency Kits are manufactured by Liteplan in the UK.

LED Batten Luminaires